Frame Glittering Project COMPLETE!

This was truly so much fun to do. I have a million things on my mind right now and it was soothing and distracting all at the same time.

This is the wall I am planning for it to be on in a few short months!

Until then, we will keep up the black frame (that has Bud's lady bug art in it...to be replaced with something spooky for Halloween...) in that spot. That is another framed mirror piece that I spray painted black a few years ago!


Kathie @ my net finds said...

love it! makes me want to glitter up everything :-)

svelteSTUFF said...

Can I ask a DUMB question - from a non-crafter... How do you keep the glitter on the completed object from getting all over everything when you handle it??????

Dime Store Thrift said...

Kathie...wait til you see what is coming next that I glittered!!

Svelte, I tap, tap, tap and tap some more to make sure all the loose glitter is gone. But that being said...anything with glitter can still put glitter on your hands when you touch it.

But glitter is wonderful and should be spread throughout the land:)

Michele said...

Oooooo, I love it! I was glittering my little heart away last night...working on skeletons and hearts...what a combination huh?!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Queen of Clearance said...

very cute!


Oh I love it! Beautiful.