I LOVE Gifting People!

I think of you all often, when you tell me what you love to thrift, what makes you swoon...especially when I am out thrifting!

While in Minnesota I found this:

And immediately thought of my friend Stan, The Elegant Thrifter...I have been wanting to send him a little something as thanks for pointing me towards Sharleen at Luticia Clementines in Independence, Missouri. And thanks for always being so positive. And thanks for being a good blog-buddy.

So off it went to the Big City and I chuckled when I read his Blog this morning. What a guy!

Would you like me to thrift for YOU? There is still time to enter my thrifting giveaway...just scroll down to see how to enter!


Kathie @ my net finds said...

your post just reminded me that I need to look up thrift stores to check out on vacation! even though the hub probably will say are you kidding me?

The Queen of Clearance said...

I recently have been finding little things that make me thinks of my blogging friends, and I bought two of them because they were so cheap and just sent them out today to my blogging friends...I was wondering if that was weird....but glad to know Im not the only one! makes me feel better!