Snoopy Kitsch

We always try to bring back some type of souvenir from our vacations and this year chose a tiny plastic snoopy from Camp Snoopy at Worlds Of Fun...He is now settled comfortably on our kitchen window ledge.

Saluting me as I load the dishwasher.


Kathie @ my net finds said...

my sister used to collect snoopy stuff! :-)

The Queen of Clearance said...

hahahaha...saluting you as you do the dishes...like for a job well done! I love it!

icandy... said...

Love snoopy! I've got a couple of tiny ones, too!! Though, I had to stumble across my snoopy at the thrift shops... Don't you wish that we could have saved everything from our childhood? Well, ok, just the cute stuff!

Sue said...

I know you posted this months ago, but I just came across it! I LOVE Snoopy!! One of my (packed) Christmas boxes is labeled "Peanuts", to give you a bit of a clue. I do have a bit of a fixation, and some of it IS from my childhood (and some from someone else's childhood that I've bought but same vintage). I have Snoopy earrings (more than one pair, charms on my bracelet, and am making quilt with Peanuts fabric. I love your find and what you did with it.