Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back...

I have been going through so many things...doing so well at de-cluttering, donating, weeding things out of my collections to pass on to others.

I even went through my oil lamps that were on the little entry way table! I separated them and put them in little corners through out the house! I even marked one to be sold at Memory Lane! My little oil lamp addiction was slowing down...really, it was!


So I walked into Goodwill this morning...and ummmm...apparently someone donated their entire oil lamp collection...and I ummmmmmm...bought a few. I had told myself I was done! How many oil lamps does one girl need??

There were so many beautiful, lovely vintage oil lamps on the counter...so many of them!

I purchased 5 new little lamps.

I am weak.

The tall, clear one in the back is one that was already on that table...I guess it was lonely? And it sort of needed friends??

But they are so cool!


Toronto Yardsaler said...

It's me. I've posted pictures of the gorgeous treasures you sent me on my humble blog.
Thanks again. I'm giddy with glee.

Thrifted Treasure said...

SONYA!!! Although I can't talk, my pyrex fixation is getting out of control!!! And if I came across them more often I'd probably have a dozen typewriters. Love your lamp collection :-)

Missa said...

You are so funny! Tis true though, they are a lovely little lot :)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

you are weak....and I love you for it! If you didnt buy these cute little treasures I wouldnt have anything to read about!