What I Did NOT Put On Etsy

I was putting up listings the other day on Etsy and had every intention of listing this...but good intentions don't always have follow-through when it comes to treasures, now does it?

Maybe someday I'll be able to part with it, but right now...I can make some more room on my cookbook shelf!


Caro's Thrifty Adventures said...

Oh i loooooove it!!! Reminds me of the cookbook i found last week!

elena-lu said...

dude i wouldnt be able to sell that baby! its just amazingly time machine cool! and is she running after a chicken or a poodle????!!!

nana rosie said...

What is it about vintage recipe books? I have like a whole shelf of them & could not possibly pick my fave! Yours is darling!
Rosie T @ Rosycheeks

Dime Store Thrift said...

It Is Fabulous, isn't it?!?! There is just something about those cookbooks from the 30's on up through the 70's that just get me all swoony and happy.

I think I was born at the wrong time!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

love it! It is too cute! I couldnt part with it either!