Answering Decluttering Questions!

October 22, 2009 7:26 PM

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...
5 big keepsake totes await my attention in the crawl space. Ugh. What has inspired all your great decluttering? I am impressed!

Hello Sheri my girl from www.greenandcrunchy.org! (If you haven't been over to her website before, I highly recommend you zipping over there to check out her inspiring writings on her raw foods lifestyle and adorable kiddos...and her cool obsession with section plates! Awesome!)

You asked what inspired all the decluttering and I wanted to respond to that. I have always loved clearing stuff out, it just feels good to get space opened back up. This time around, in the basement studio/toy room, I realized that I was walking into that room and walking right back out again. There was so much stuff lying around! It was mostly all good stuff, but it was a mess. Big, big mess. I had crafts, decor, toys, items for etsy, items for the booth, items that I wanted to glitter, items that needed to just find a new owner...all of it in piles. There was no where to set anything down so the piles were towering. I had no space to create. We waded through toys that had just been set inside that doorway and the toys had begun to tower as well!

And you know what? I couldn't think anymore. I felt like I was sort of spinning through each day. I had things I wanted to get done and couldn't get anything done. It just sort of snowballed. And when I woke up last Sunday, I just knew that today was the day that the room would be tackled. The last few weeks I had been going through drawers and books and such, but this room was slowly eating me up. And how could I deal with it when I couldn't get in the room? Or if I got into the room, I just wanted to crawl back out again? Ugh.

So I took everything out of the room and decided what was going to go back in, piece by piece. And it worked! I can't believe that I have been down there creating this week, that the space is pretty much looking just like those pictures still other than I need to vacuum up glitter again (!) and there are items on the wooden table that are drying from getting glittered.

I am actually mindfully deciding what goes in that room instead of just dumping things in there, which is just huge for me.

And I found a space to keep all my Etsy shop items!! I will show you that space later.

So now each day I take a moment to think about what needs to be tackled next and instead of only thinking about it, I am actually dealing with each space, which takes a whole lot less time than the time I took to stew about it. One task was to clean up the computer the other day...this morning was dealing with those memory boxes...and to think that it is DONE is just so amazing. And it gives me inspiration to keep that feeling going in other places through the house that have gotten a wee bit stagnant.

This is going to sound a bit new-agey, but I feel like all this decluttering is opening up space in my life for other good things! I truly am enjoying taking you all with me on this little decluttering adventure and love to hear all of your stories as well.


The Elegant Thrifter said...

You are absolutely right. Maxwell Gillingham Ryan talks about it in The Find. And as much as I find it difficult to give books away, I feel like when I do it opens my mind to new ideas.

Keep on De-Cluttering!


svelteSTUFF said...

You are an inspiration to ALL of us! THANK YOU!!

sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

You are too sweet -- thank you for the shout out!

None of what you wrote sounds 'new-agey' at all, quite the opposite, in fact!

So much good info in this post -- it in definitely inspiring me to tackle a few, ugh, problem areas of my own!

I love the idea you shared of emptying out the WHOLE ROOM and then filling it back up with only the things you wanted in there. What a great idea!

I think I'll tackle my computer-chaos first; it seems like the least daunting of all my problem areas.

You're doing great over there with all your productive decluttering!

When you're done, I've got a scary crawlspace that is just BEGGING for the Sonya-Makeover :)

xo Sheri

Monica said...

whats decluttering?

ha ha!

Couture de Papier said...

OMGosh I am sooo happy I found your blog and this post!! Thank you!