Part Two Of The Craft Room, I mean, Studio Tour

I liked the term that Sveltestuff used yesterday...Studio.

Studio sounds like I am mindfully going into this room and producing something spectacular. So that is the word that we are going to be using here on out.

Yesterday we finished looking at the crafting table (glittering table?) and now today we continue clockwise around the room...

The picture above is of an old china hutch that I now use to hold a variety of things: Findings, beads, gifts, little things I like to look at. Just a whole bunch of miscellaneous. It is always changing.

In the drawers of this hutch, I keep cardstock and felt.

On top of the hutch is where I am now storing boxes, bubble wrap and envelopes to ship items from Etsy. These things were spread through the house before and I would have to visit all three floors to wrap anything. Now it's all in one place. I know that sounds so simple, but it took me awhile to figure that out due to how much I had stuffed into this room!

Also, I am loving those priority boxes and envelopes from USPS that are delivered right to my door, for free! I am shipping things out faster than ever. And Etsy buyers are receiving their items faster, as well.

In between the hutch and the buffet, I stuck a folding tray to bring out when I am glittering, to hold items that need to dry.

Speaking of glitter! These are the two colors I am using a whole lot right now, so just have the trays out of the way, yet very accessible.

They are on the buffet underneath this old childcraft bookcase that I found at Goodwill for a couple dollars. These are the best children's books! I have the original set from my parents home but this set was picked up a few years back at a library book sale and a bit beat up. I've been using the illustrations in different projects.

And more books that are read for inspiration or for use in projects...too beat up to resell but perfect for altered art.

And then we look over the top of the office desk area...filled with things that make me happy, yet there is still space to move around.

Well, you can't really tell by these four pictures, but there is a whole lot of space on the main part of the desk!

I still need to figure out what to put in those filing cabinets, there are alot of them. And to take a good look at the inside of the drawers in the buffet and hutch. And decide exactly where to keep Etsy items before they are shipped!

So there is still a lot of decluttering to be done, but a whole lot of it has been tackled nicely.


The Elegant Thrifter said...

GASPING glitter whenever you want it...tucked away in a neat little tray....green glittered with envy!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

It's almost intoxicating, isn't it?! Glitter with Glee!

Stanley said...

I've got something ghoul-icious and glittery for you tomorrow!!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

look at all of that glitter!!! So much of it! I love your craft area! Mine is small and all compacted because we have no room as is!

beth said...

hi sonya! your blog always brings a smile to my face which is why i have "BOO'd" you as a favorite blog of mine...i know you are a busy girl but if you can talk a little about a few blogs or so that inspire you that would be super! have a great weekend!

happy day!