Book Thrift!

Yesterday was a book-kind-of-thrifting day.

I found an old Betsy book:

I love Haywood's illustrations, they are just so perfect for this series of books!
And it cracked me up to see slightly higher in Canada. That sounds a little evasive, don't you think?

And found this Little Golden book that we didn't have yet for my (ahem! I mean Bud's) collection.

And this book...now I am not familiar with the Robin Kane series of books, but there was something about it that reminded me of the old Trixie Beldens. So I picked it up and have it in my to-read pile. Do you know anything about this series?

We often pick up books where we thrift, such a great way to add to collections for a dime to a dollar. And I love the idea someone shared a while back: When we are done reading them and decide not to keep them in our collections, to donate them back!

Thrifters are the coolest people.


The Elegant Thrifter said...

I love the expressions of worry on these girl's faces. Was this from the 1960s?

Shabbychicdiva said...

Such sweet books. I don't find many anymore! Very sweet. Winona

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Maybe it was ME that put that bug in your head about the Robin Kane book. Someone did a blog recently about their cache of books -- Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden. And I mentioned the Robin Kane series in my comment. They are very much like the Trixie books except that it's set in 1960's California and she has a horse. I got a 2 book set as a young child and loved them. (I don't think I had the copy you have though!) Good haul!

~~Carol~~ said...

I could spend hours at thrift stores looking at all of the books! I'm trying to collect all of the old Golden books from my childhood. Those gals on that Robin Kane book look like they are definitely in peril!

This Thrifted Life said...

I just love used books; it's so much fun to stumble across book gems for such a pittance at thrift shops and used bookstores.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

It does remind you of Trixie Belden or even Nancy Drew and the slightly higher in Canada is so funny.

Pixie said...

'the large and growly bear' was one of my favourite books as a girl!