Christmas Explosion

So. All decor that has nothing to do with Christmas Decorating has been removed from every room.

And then we bring the Rubbermaid's in that contain all the Christmas Decorations.

I am scared to turn the camera around for you to see the front living room!

Actually, the process of decorating is going well. The outside has been decorated with lights, some huge ornaments hanging from our front yard tree and an adorable Santa and Reindeer set. The tree is up in the front room. The back room is festive. The kids have their holiday decor in each of their rooms. I have a few tasteful decorations on our bedroom dresser. It is so good to see treasured memories out again.

But...there are all those teeny tiny treasures that I am figuring out now. And have been working on this morning. If I get it all done, I will post some pictures later, I promise!

Have you been decorating this weekend as well?


Sue said...

So far just cleaning up the house to get ready. Then I have to beg someone to come over so I can climb up in the attic and hand boxes down. NOT a 1-person job. I did get all the nativities up at church, that that looked really nice when I got done. Will send pictures. Good luck on completing your decorating!

This Thrifted Life said...

I haven't done any actual decorating, but I did pick up a fun metallic centerpiece at the thrift store today. I am going out again later this week to thrift for Christmas goodies!