Giving A Gift Of Thrift

Since I have been a thrifter for a few years now, I think that most of my friends and family know that I am going to buy them something special, not something cheap or tacky. What I give them is unique. One of a kind. Hard to find. And completely thought out. When I come across pieces that make me think of the people in my life, I buy the piece to gift at Christmas or Birthdays.

In Hubby's family, we have a White Elephant gift exchange with the 6 adults. My niece and nephews have a thing for tshirts that have the names of different schools on them. So my gift was a box of 12 vintage school shirts from the various Sioux City schools that I found at a thrift store for 50 cents each. It was a huge hit.

The gifts I exchange with my Brother and SIL Number One are thrifted as well...they love to look through antique stores and flea markets almost as much as I do! Last year we found an addition to her collections as well as a old gumball machine that we filled with Jelly Belly's (his favorite treat) for him.

I have family and friends who tell me when they see a picture of something that I have shown on the website that they absolutely love. And I am very likely to set that something aside to gift them with later.

But it took me awhile to get to this point.

So I understand that giving thrifted gifts might not be easy for some. I think that we need to ease into that with some gift ideas for you!

There are so many things that can be found in thrift stores that you simply cannot find in retail establishments. You need to spend some more time at this...shopping year round to find a perfect gift as opposed to getting up at 3am on Black Friday and getting your entire list zapped off at once for things that are very likely going to be returned the day after Christmas.

Some ideas to get you started:

--Vintage Books to add to a readers collection
--Fabulous stemware to give to someone who loves wines
--Adding to anyone's collection of simply anything...owls, for instance...
--Wonderful jewelery
--Framed Art
--Quilts, Linens

And as Stan The Elegant Thrifter has said before, a whole lot of the gift is in the presentation of it. You simply must read his book and go to his website to get a shot of inspiration.

To know that somebody found something special and thought of you! Isn't that so much nicer than a bottle of cologne?

Would anyone else like to add anything to the list of ideas?


Kathie @ my net finds said...

I don't have anything to add, just that I think it's great! I'd rather have something vintage than some sweater or whatever else that somebody got cheap on Black Friday!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I completely agree with you. I love thrifting and I'm blessed to have a sister who's family loves thrift gifts. I've snuck a few into my Mom and Dad's gifts, and my daughters all get some thrifty items in their Xmas packages. Why spend full price when you can get even better for cheap! Rock on, Dime Store Thrifter!

This Thrifted Life said...

I wish more of my family members and friends liked thrifted gifts. I do have one friend who appreciates the uniqueness of secondhand gifts--I recently found her an adorable candleholder for her home and she was thrilled.

More ideas? Hrm...beautiful dishes for someone who likes to entertain (these are abundant in thrift stores!), board games for couples who love to have game nights, painted/fixed up furniture (like a neat chair) for the home decor lover, barware for the cocktail lover, art for the vintage collector, etc. So many fun choices at the thrift shops!

Jill said...

Something I find often are beautiful unused linen tea towels from farawy places. My sister loves all things Scottish and I usually manage to find her two or three during the year. Old tins are another thing I love and my sis has been the recipient of a few old Tartan tins as well.
I look for pure wool clothing to remake into hooked rugs, 90% of our clothes are thrifted , and much of the fun lies in the joy of finding the unexpected.

I started thrifting in the early 70's (old aren't I?) when I searched for natural fibers in the age of polyester...I was hooked and today as I live in a beautiful old home surrounded by lovely and unique things, none of which ever was near a shopping mall!

Shopping Golightly said...

As I thrift, I am constantly thinking ahead for birthdays, holidays and items my daughters will need as they grow. The result? I don't partake in ANY of the retail madness that is marketed as "fun" but is anything but. My shopping is done and I've wonderful presents to give and can't wait to give them.

For those who are squeamish about reused gifts I attest that Americans are so wasteful they routinely toss NEW ITEMS into the reuse market; even in this economic climate.

Instead of spending hours driving through packed parking lots trying to find a place to park the car and standing in long register lines, my family plays marathon games of dominoes, board games, jigsaw puzzles and pound hot chocolate and cupcakes. Gotta love those cupcakes!

Linda said...

I so agree with you Sonya! I have been telling my family for years how much I appreciate the thought that goes into the gift rather then the amount~ hate to make a list of "what I want for Christmas" so you can buy something right off that list...where is the love in that? Sorry for the rant but one of my pet peeves. I listen year round for ideas from my friends and family, what they say and look at and love. Then I shop and it's a gift of love. Not everything is thrifted but a lot of it is and believe me they are better gifts then I could otherwise buy. So rock on sister thrifter!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Ah...thank you for the mention. You will definitely be in book number due...I mean two...I'm still in Rome where the dollar is in the pits and all I dared to buy myself was a pair of gloves at Upim, the Italian version of Kmart. However, they are beautiful, made in Italy, and $20. It's the first new purchase I've made for myself in months.

Might I add...vintage cookie jars filled with delicious treats, lovely old platters heaped with baked goods, a mix-and-match set of napkins wrapped in a ribbon. Take old silk scarves or nekties and use them for ribbons....I could go on! Have a wonderful
Thanksgiving to all. Stan

Thrifted Treasure said...

I think it's so nice to give somebody a vintage gift with real meaning, I have a close friend who named her daughter Clara after the little girl in the Nutcracker, so for her first birthday I searched and searched for a gift related to the ballet and found a beautiful boxed double record set of the ballet complete with the story in the most beautifully illustrated box, she was so thrilled with it!!

glenda said...

Sonya girlfriend, you are the woman of the hour. These are great ideas...I am going to find old ornaments, or catch some on sale, and make some wreaths for next year...give them to our daughters on Thanksgiving...why wait till Christmas to start giving...
blessings to you and yours..
glenda @SerendipityCottage

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Great ideas everyone! And I am so proud of you all who are going to give it a whirl:)
Happy Thanksgiving all, Sonya

Toosdai said...

yes yes yes! i completely agree!

i always return to sacramento for the holidays, a town that has proven time and time again that it doesn't know how to price its antique and vintage (plus, the weather is so dry that everything is in fantastic condition). i scour the antique malls for gifts, and find really awesome, unique pieces, like a book of smoker's poetry for my brother, or kitchen tins for my friend. everything reasonable and recycled, thrifty and sustainable. i love it!