Frosty Necklace

Isn't it awesome what you can poke a hole through and wear as a necklace? We receieved a delightful gift of Frosty Cherry-Limeade soda pop and I just couldn't throw out the bottle caps, they were too cute! So pounded a hole into one of them and am wearing it with much pride this Christmas.

I might be all hopped up on sugar, but wouldn't this make a fun gift??


Sue said...

You are amazing - so creative!

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Sonya- I love it! You are so creative! What a sweet little necklace. I have the perfect thing to wear with it.. LOL

Mick said...

We did this all the time in High School! Espsh the Theater kids! we did a show set in the 1930's and we drank an INSANE amount of rootbeer and coke in the show during its run. So I gave IBC rootbeer, and Coca Cola ones to everybody!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

So cute! Hey, we're both in the same time zone!!