It's Like Christmas Came Early!

A few weeks ago, I was the rawther excited winner of a giveaway hosted by Linda of AlaCarte...she was giving away the cutest set of Santa coasters that came in a little sleigh-holder. I thought it would be perfect for our kids' table at Christmas this year and that the children would get such a kick out of them.

So imagine my surprise when a box arrived yesterday and not only were these coasters in it:

But a little Owl ornament from Sleeping Beauty:

And beaded napkin rings:


With a Made In Japan stamp on it!

I immediately sent her an email that was pretty much shouting my excitement to her:
What an awesome package to open...I am feeling seriously spoiled!


Linda said...

Sonya I am so happy you liked your gifts. It has made my day, week dare I say MONTH to have surprised you with something you like so much. To think until a couple of months ago I only blogged for myself and a couple of family members until I found this wonderful community and now I have friends like you!!!!


Sue said...

Wow! That is so NICE! What a sweet thing to do.