Santa Mug

I found this adorable old Santa mug at Memory Lane in my friend Deb's booth and couldn't get it purchased quickly enough...This is going to make my morning coffee fix so cheerful! I also found an awesome old elf dish cloth that I will hopefully get around to showing you soon and all of Deb's vintage Christmas ball decorations she had (as well as every single box and bag that was for sale in Memory Lane!)


Sue said...

That is really pretty - both the style of the mug and the lovely Santa picture as well.

Linda said...

Cute mug! I love to change my coffee mugs daily and by season and holiday. Many think I'm crazy...wait I am!! LOL!


Toronto Yardsaler said...

I don't know what I love more: your vintage Christmas pieces, or your unabashed love of Christmas. You and your blog give me the warm, fuzzies.
Merry Christmas if we don't comment before the special day.
Your thrifty buddy up North,

#95 at Memory Lane said...

So happy you like it.