All That Rummage Build-Up...

And I spent 50 cents.

She had one of those older Tupperware pitchers with the little cap on the top of the lid that we used for Kool-aid back in the day.

Yes, I have one. But I had to scoop it up in case we go all out and make TWO flavors of Kool-aid at the same time one hot day this summer.

Either I was just not in the mood to do much shopping or I realized that I had quite a bit of stuff downstairs that I would just be adding to. Lu picked up an old suitcase that was marked at $4 that normally I would be giddy over...But we have a couple of those already that I am still deciding what to do with. So I left it for somebody else to be giddy about.

Aren't I a NICE rummage-saler?


Note To Myself:

Dear Sonya,

Cars need gas to run. If you don't fill your gas tank up again before the little icon signals that it is empty, the Explorer will not 'go'.

And you will be stuck on the side of a busy highway out in the middle of nowhere on your way to a play date, with your hazard lights flashing (after you figure out where they are located), trying to get a bar on your cell phone because you are in a dead zone and it's gonna take a few calls to get ahold of your husband to ask you come rescue you, telling 2 strangers and 1 policeman that Hubby will be there any minute, thanks for stopping and checking on me and the 2 children in the backseat asking lots of questions and Bud calling the officer a Super-Guy, like he is Spider Man, through a rolled down window all while a train rumbles past right next to where you are parked. Or should I say stalled.

So, Sonya, if you can do me this little favor and manage to stop at one of those gas stations that you see all the time while driving here and there and use one of their pumps and fill your gas tank when seeing it get below a quarter of a tank, all this won't happen again.


Annual Rummage Sales

Do you ever see a rummage sale ad, recognize the address from a previous rummage sale and then proceed to rearrange your entire day and schedule so you can get to the sale about 5 minutes early? Because it is that good?

Welcome to my world.

We are getting ready to go on a Girls Weekend vacation and I have been setting money aside for the trip. Didn't really want to spend any ahead of time to put more stuff in the craft room to deal with in a few weeks.

And then I saw the ad this morning.

There is a lady who lives just down the street who seems to enjoy the same magazines that I do. And she has a sale once a summer. Last summer I picked up an old metal lawn chair for $5. The year before that I found a cool wooden letter holder that I keep my makeup and skincare products in on the bathroom counter for $2. I'll have to take some pictures to show you the previous items.
We are SO going to the sale this afternoon.

I can't wait to see what she is letting go of now! I'll let you know if I find anything Fab.


Gardening and A Project

It was only a few short days ago I told you I wouldn't post on the garden again until it started producing...Well, guess what?

Can you see it? Look closer!

It is MAY! And there are actually two tomatoes on the plant! I don't think we had tomatoes starting until July last year. Seems those 3 days of heat wave last week really sped things up in the production department!

So after squealing loudly at the plants for a few minutes and encouraging them along with a "Look at you! Who is a big tomato plant, huh? Huh? YES, YOU! YOU ARE A BIG TOMATO PLANT!" we then decided to totally copy SouleMama and make little identifying rocks.

After school today, the kids get to try their hand at making the little Garden Markers for the rest of the herbs and veggies and to replace the ones I did this morning.


Dollar Tree Purchase Update

So...a few weeks back I made some purchases at Dollar Tree and have finally come to the conclusion on some of them:

--The batteries worked pretty well, no complaints, would get those again...

--The dishwashing detergent also worked well and I would be fine grabbing some more in a pinch...

--The cleaning products worked nicely and were just as good as what I have used in the past that were brand name...

--Lu ended up wearing the hat that I picked up for Bud and I am pretty sure she is still wearing the hat as I type this. It was rawther cute on her!

--The Spider Man swim goggles were a nightmare. Total waste of 2 dollars...

--I like the smell of Gain laundry detergent better than the stuff I bought, but I would purchase that other stuff again if I was pinched for cash...

--The deodorant worked good, no complaints from anyone regarding any odd scents, anyway...

---The baby shampoo is fine BUT I am still liking the way Baby Magic smells better on Bud, so probably wouldn't get that again.

Hope this helps if you are heading off to Dollar Tree anytime soon!

Dollar Tree and Cleaning Products

I am in the process of doing a little experiment with cleaning products (and a few other things) from The Dollar Tree...Can I get away with spending just a dollar each for my cleaning products or will I need to go back to my name brand items?

I spent $20 and tax and this is what I walked away with:

2 Spider Man goggles (one for Bud and one for his cousin when we are in Florida) and I am so curious if they will fit well and not be thrown away the first time we use them. I also picked up a sun hat for Bud to shield him from the burning rays. It is a light hat that I am sure will disintegrate after our trip...but it was a dollar, so I don't care too much on longevity. It is meant to get wet, salty and sandy...

I normally buy batteries (16 for about $10) at Target...these are 20 for $5 plus a 2 pack of Alkaline for the camera for another dollar. We will see how they work compared to the Rayovac brand.

I also picked up a deodorant for myself and some baby shampoo for Bud...he's not a baby anymore, but who can deny that yummy baby shampoo scent on a little guy? And it's hypoallergenic for his sensitive little scalp, another plus. I used it on him in the bath last night and it worked just as well as the brand name baby shampoo we have used in the past.

Now, for cleaning products. I bought a bleach cleaner, 2 bleach toilet drop-ins, a bottle of Comet cleaner and a shaker of Comet bleach scrub, a package of 2 magic erasers, 2 boxes of dishwasher detergent and a bottle of laundry soap.

So far, the cleaning products are working just as well as the ones I spend a lot more money on in a regular store. Here is what I would have typically spent if I went to Target with my list:

Swim Goggles $6-$10
Swim Goggles $6-$10
Beach Hat $10
20 AA Batteries $10-$12
2 AA Alkaline Batteries $5
Deodorant $3
Baby Shampoo $3
Bleach Spray $3
Comet Spray $3
Comet Scrub $1
Dishwasher Detergent $3-$5
Dishwasher Detergent $3-$5
Laundry Soap $5
Magic Erasers $3
Toilet Drop In $2
Toilet Drop In $2

So by my calculations...I spent $20 on the same amounts of products that I normally spend $68 to $82 on depending on the sale flyer.

Wow. I think I need to do some shopping at Dollar Tree more often.

What are your experiences at shopping the dollar stores?


A Lazy Sunday In Italy

I found this at Goodwill for $2.50 and snatched it up. I LOVED it. It is reminiscent of the wonderful Betsy-Tacy book Betsy And The Great World and the time she spent in Venice, Italy. Anything that reminds me of Maud Hart Lovelace and any scenes typical of her idyllic life have a way of finding space in our home.

Not sure if it is working in the entryway or not. Hubby says Not. So it may be making it's way to one of the craft room walls or my computer area.


It's Raining, It's Pouring...

And I need to go through previous purchases.

Nothing like a rainy day to make one declutter a bit!

We have been moving things out of the basement the past few weeks (remember that weight bench that was driving me NUTS? Gone!) But as part of the negotiations for that bench to leave our home, Hubby asked me to contain all my stuff into the craft room and not ooze it out into the laundry room.

SO. Everything is in the craft room, including toys that we have been playing hard with and not putting away correctly...and I can barely walk into the room. How does this happen?

Just kidding...I know I have a bit of a thrifting thing going on.

And with that, Bud and I are re-entering the basement to work at getting things organized once again. I shall miss you all.


Thursday Rummaging

The sales around here run Thursday, Friday and Saturday...some brave souls try for the Sunday sale, but I don't know how they fare with customers.

There were a few going on today and I only hit one because I happened to drive past. And this is what we found to go with our vintage Fisher Price collection:It is far from pristine and needs a good hard cleaning, but for $1 it'll do. We will get a LOT of hours of play out of this!


More On The Garden

It is sort of like other people's kids or grandkids...you tolerate the photo's because you care, right? And know that I will be excited over your photo's as well.
One more on the 'garden' (2 more, actually) and then I will let it go until it starts producing...
This is the metal container that the herbs are growing in. Isn't it Fab?
And Bud doing a little watering...yesterday was 97 and windy. They were glad for the drink.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

With our little 'heat wave' I thought it be best that the garden (and I use this term loosely) get planted.

I have always wanted a garden! Well, the last few years anyway. But our yard is used for playing with the kids...there just isn't a whole lot of space left that we want to till up.

And in a more truthful side note, one that we aren't going to discuss here often...And I will deny if you bring it up...we DID have a little garden plot about 8 or so years ago. Planted some tomatoes and pumpkins. And while watering one lovely evening, a snake zipped between my feet. And I was done up there for the rest of the summer leaving Hubby to deal with the tomato plants.

So, no, there is no area we will be tilling to use as a garden.

Instead, we use some old window boxes that we had on the front of our home and salvaged, filled with soil and stuck on our back patio.

Where there ARE no snakes. Nor will there ever BE any snakes. Please don't suggest otherwise. I have huge snake issues.

Last year we planted tomatoes, basil, sugar snap peas, green peppers and some onions.

This year, we planted 3 different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, sweet red peppers, basil, parsley and peppermint. Bring Summer On.


Play Day

Bud made a sculpture of me out of play-doh. Loving this!

And truly, isn't play-doh one of the top 10 greatest scents, ever? Right after Crayola crayons.

Gotta post and run...we are having a Play Day today!


Thrifting, Out-Of-Town

We were at a Nephew's Graduation over the weekend and of course I had to take some time to do some thrifty browsing in one of the little towns nearby.

One of the stores was billed as a secondhand store with prices so high they were too ridiculous to even laugh at. Mostly I found it frustrating walking through the store and seeing a regular shirt marked at $8 that you find regularly priced for $4 at Target. That was odd. And VHS tapes for $7.50? Even odder. And we aren't even talking Disney VHS. I won't go back, again.

So I can understand your frustration when I show you the cool things I find here in Sioux City and you have a thrift store in your area that thinks you are bidding on Ebay...After downing a few martini's.

One of the FABULOUS stores I visited was in Story City, Iowa, right off Interstate 35...It is marked Antique Store, you can't miss it. And it is worth every moment you spend inside. Such treasures to be found and wonderfully clean. Items are definitely priced a bit higher, BUT, you are going to find fab things you never even imagined. And the store just kept going on and on and on! I truly wish I would have gone there first and spent all the time I had going through every single booth as closely as I wanted to...I probably would have needed about 4 hours! Instead I settled for a very fast half hour. Let me know if you have the chance to go.


Owls, Oils Lamps and Decor

Oh My!

Here are just some of the items I was squealing about yesterday:

A tiny little set that makes me think of a farming village at Christmastime...

A tin container for holding good things...look at those colors!

A little couple out caroling, caroling through the snow...They are both 'Japan Christmas Novelties'

A wooden bird cage! I am thinking this is going to get a coat of paint, some glitter and will become a Cardinal container for Christmas

A set of 2 owls! The backing on them reminds me of styrofoam. They will make their debut this fall around Halloween. Won't Hubby be surprised?

The colors in this glass jar are just gorgeous...

And it has it's original lid!

I couldn't walk past it. I just couldn't. A chicken in every pot and an oil lamp in every room.

And then thinking ahead to Thanksgiving...

Yes, yes they are. Gurley Novelty Candles!

The cutest little bunny candle for next Easter...

And some books...this lady is so interesting! I am eager to read about her as well as the beginning of the Montessori program.

Ahhh, my Little Golden Books...I have big, BIG glittery plans for this book, that you will see soon. Eloise Wilkin is one of my very favorite illustrators! Whenever I see her work I get a warm memory of childhood.

And 2 more for the Little Golden collection. Obsession?

And a set of 3 summer-y plastic glasses...they remind me of vintage, but I am not sure if they actually are or not.

The other finds are going to be used as Christmas gifts so you will not get to see those until next January...


I had a moment yesterday at the South Sioux City Goodwill. I was supposed to be home cleaning, but decided to do a bit of looking around instead. Anything to delay some cleaning, right?

I actually spent $27.82. I don't think I have ever done that before in a thrift store! 50 cents, yes. $11.00, yes, on occasion. But $27.82?

And I bought multiple things!

Can you guess what some of my purchases were?


Thrifting In Sioux City

I thought it would be nice to blog about some of my very favorite thrifting places here in Sioux City...you know, in case you have a big summer trip planned and are in the area and must find goodies! All of these stores are first rate and you will not walk away empty handed.

Let us begin with an old favorite:

We have three great Goodwill stores in our area. The 'main' Goodwill is located in Riverside. It is the largest of the 3 and I have found everything from wonderful books and cookbooks to vintage Christmas to awesome toys to furniture to clothing and shoes. You never know what you will find here and I have never walked away empty handed. Ever.

The next Goodwill is located on Gordan Drive in Morningside. This is the second largest in Sioux City. We have found wonderful books, toys and games at this one. Obviously, there are tons of other things, I am just saying what we personally enjoy.

My favorite Goodwill is located in South Sioux City on Dakota Avenue. Mostly because of Pat, a fab woman who has become a good friend. This store is where I have found a Coach purse, books, Christmas, oil lamps, toys for Bud, cookbooks, kitchenware...this store is like my own personal little treasure trove. I could easily shop here twice a week. It is the smallest of our 3 Goodwill's, but jam packed with my types of goodies.

Oh, this place is what I refer to as Sioux City's Best Kept Secret:

I have posted about this store before since finding it recently. Julie the proprietor, her Dad and Brother are the trio that run the place. But our favorite 'person' is of the 4 legged variety,named Bailey, a Bernese Mountain Dog who is the official greeter.
Julie has a way of organizing her store that makes you want to walk around and around at least 4 times so you don't miss anything.
My best finds here are vintage Tupperware, old cookbooks, fun vintage entertaining items...there is always something cool that has to come home with me.

This store I have the pleasure of visiting once a day. You can usually find me hanging out at Booth 17 either rearranging or dropping items off. Memory Lane is located in Indian Hills and seems to always be busy.
When I am not visiting my booth to do little spruce-ups, I am doing what Bud and I refer to as a 'walk through' seeing what the other vendors have brought in. Memory Lane has FABULOUS vendors...everything is priced really reasonably and you can find everything from a great new purse to children's clothing to wonderful old antiques and furniture.
And Bill, Lynne and Ron are truly wonderful people who are very knowledgeable in what they sell.

And last but NOT least is Secondhand Finds and Furnishings...
If you go along my side bar, you can click into their website which showcases all of their wonderful goodies they have for sale. Their website is updated often and I can promise you, you will find something in there that you HAVE to have. Just from the website! And when you go there in person, be ready to spend some time browsing through the booths for some very unique treasures.


I've been scooping up old cookbooks when I come across them...mostly under a dollar, some for a quarter, a couple for a few dollars. Sometimes, actually much of the time, reading an good cookbook satisfies me far more than a novel!

My cookbook acquisitions have mostly been from the 40's to 60's lately, some dogeared and spattered, which gives me SUCH a thrill...to think I am holding a reference tool that someone turned to time and time again. And if I can find notes in the margins saying it was a success with the family or ingredients scratched out and substituted with another, ooohhhh! Even more special.