Another Booth "Find"

I grabbed the tall and short little thermos out of the Booth that day we cleared stuff out of there...and the medium one came to me yesterday. Thifting Karma, people, I am telling you...Thrifting Karma.

Reminds me of the 3 bears for some reason! I keep thinking "Someone's been sipping MY cocoa!"

I am so weird.

American Girl Coconut Backpack

We are still way into American Girl stuff...but can those items get expensive or what? So when I stumbled across Coconut's backpack for a dollar, Lu was rawther excited when she saw it in her room...I like to stick little found treasures up in the kids' rooms to surprise them.


More On Thrifting Karma

I think...No, I KNOW that there is such a thing as Thrifting Karma. If you donate stuff, cool stuff will come back to you that will make you squeal.

Case in point: I donated a ton of stuff to Goodwill from the closing of The Booth. Next day, I am do a quick walk-through...and this is what I find...

Oh. My. Goodness.
I am in love.


Booth "Finds"

There were a few things that I took out of the Booth to keep when we cleared things out last night...I just couldn't take this to Goodwill knowing that I would be right back there buying it again! An old vintage jug that I picture us filling with lemonade on a picnic...

We did have the back of the car and the trunk filled with donations, so I feel a teensy bit better about keeping this treasure. Even if I need to find a good place to store it...I will declutter again just to keep it!


The Last Few Days In Pictures...

We have spent many an hour on the back patio watching the garden grow, the kids run through the sprinklers, enjoying the fireplace and making s'mores. We even had time for some Fathers Day card making!

Summer is most definitely upon us and it is feeling wonderful.


3 Wise Birdies...

I have them in the wrong order, but aren't they adorable?! I am normally not a cutesy sort of girl, but these are just too perfect for the mantle during the summer months. They should be See, Hear and then Speak No Evil...I will make sure I put them up correctly now that I Wikipedia'd the info!


Weekend Thrifting Part 5

And finally we have a bit of a candle theme...
The colors in this are just lovely!

2 very heavy dark olive candle holders...the color on these are just not showing up correctly so you'll just have to trust me on how gorgeous they are.

And these containers...Glass Fairy Lights?? I am going to put little twinkly lights in them and line up on the mantel.

Weekend Thrifting Part 4

I seem to be finding these everywhere these days. Or maybe they were always around, I just never noticed before. Are the little containers for votive candles?? I have several more of these in various Christmas poses that I have been glittering...I will show you the finished products soon!

Weekend Thrifting Part 3

Pretty Cute! 45 cent cookbook that will be used often during the month of October when I beg the kids to watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown daily.

Weekend Thrifting Part 2

Set of 3 hand-embroidered dishtowels...50 cents.


Weekend Thrifting Part One

South Sioux City Goodwill...Vintage Tablecloth for 50 cents! We are going to be using this as a picnic blanket this summer.


(Act 1, Scene 1)
Bud's On First, Lu's On Third, Hubby Is Pitching...And ACTION!

Sonya: OK, I will play baseball with you 3 in the backyard. I'll pitch!

Hubby: Throw me a good one!


Hubby: I won't. Just pitch it to me!

(Cue camera one to focus in tight on wiffle ball leaving Sonya's hand, spiralling and connecting with Hubby's plastic bat and then straight-lining to Sonya's jaw.

Sonya: ARGH! I'm Hit!

Bud, Lu and Hubby all gather around Sonya who is face down in the grass wondering why she got up from the patio chair to play.

I think we all learned another valuable lesson today. Next time, just keep sipping iced tea and enjoy watching.


Re-Living Childhood

Are these not the CUTEST little cloth books from the 70's??
45 cents each. (Insert loud squeals here...) They are supposed to have little tokens that depict what would be in the pockets, but those don't seem to be with them. And, in all honesty, I simply don't care! Great find, nonetheless.


Pack It Up! Haul It Out!

Goooooooodwiiiiiiillllllllllll! Yah!
(sorry, the theme to Rawhide was going through my head all afternoon...)

De-Cluttering! Here We Go Again...

Lu and Bud are enjoying a short vacation at Grandma's House with one of their favorite cousins (Thanks, Grandma!) while I enjoy a short vacation at our house. Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out the craft/storage/toy room and trying to get many things back to where they should be.

Seriously. How often do I need to DO this?? Apparently, once a month seems to be my magic amount of time to keep my craft room opened up and work-able.

You know how much I bring into the house just by reading past posts...so somewhere along the lines, just as much stuff needs to make it's way back out of the house.

It helps having the kids away when I go through certain toy items. Shhhhh...don't tell. I was able to bag up many, many toys we purchased at Goodwill or rummage sales that never kept anyone's interest for longer than 49 seconds. I need our toys to give more to us than 49 seconds. And don't feel bad for the kids, there are still hundreds of thousands of toys in our toy storage area. And in the back room. And in both of their rooms. Sigh. Thankfully they are all back to the spots or bins or rubbermaids where they should be. For at least the next 24 hours, anyway!

And now that the toys are 'done' I get to go back down this morning and figure out where to put all of my stuff that needs to find a home.

And after I get a good amount tackled, I am SO gonna be stopping at Caribou Coffee for a Mocha mid morning on my way to do a drop off at Goodwill!

That shall be my reward.


Well, This Is Just Weird

Do you remember a while back I was mentioning getting a little trolley-like cart to take with us when we walk over to the grocery store??


And it was sort of odd how it was found...well, to me, anyway.

Lu, Bud and I were running errands and I mentioned a thrift store over on Floyd Blvd that I hadn't been to in months. I practically had to bribe them to go. No way, no how did they want to do any shopping, let alone thrifting where I tend to get distracted easily and precious summer playtime could slip away. Nonetheless, I was driving, I was stopping.

Imagine my surprise to see that they were having a store closing sale! Tomorrow is their last day! I am so glad we stopped in one last time.

And when I walked around one of the corners, there stood my little cart.

50% off. Which made it a whopping $2.50! I was so excited! You know how I get...

So even though I am so sorry to see the store closing, it ended on a happy note.

I found a few other things before the kids were completely exasperated with me...A FAB lamp for $1.50

3 metal boxes. I love metal boxes! I don't know what I am going to do with them yet, but it will be something very, very cool. 10 cents, 25 cents, 25 cents.

Old Current (Currant?) coasters from 1990. I can't believe that was 19 years ago. Geez, getting old here...for 5 cents.

And a set of 4 quaint little deer. 25 cents for all 4.

Memory Lane--Sioux City--Booth 17

When I first started what we refer to as The Booth, it was actually my wonderful neighbor Ruth's Booth. She mentioned to me in passing one day last September that she had a booth at Memory Lane with her daughter and if I was interested, I could drop off a few things and see if they would sell.

Fast forward to 2 months later in November when I pretty much took over Ruth's Booth and made it my own! It has been so much fun having the booth and decorating it, especially over the Christmas months...you know how much I love Christmas stuff.

But during the summer months, I don't have quite as many things. So Ruth and Molly are going to be taking it back over for the next couple months and then I will be back there again in the same spot and same booth in September or October.

Currently, there is quite a big sale going on in Booth 17...stop by if you are in the area!

I made a couple signs for the booth and thought you would get a giggle out of this one:


But Wait! There Is More! Thrifting On A Monday Part 2

More goodies from Monday to show you...

These are the cutest little spoon/ladles...I can see them inside small bowls of dressings. Just couldn't pass them up at Goodwill for 25 cents.

And in all the time you have known me, is it even possible for me to walk past a teeny oil lamp?? This one is perfect for this corner cupboard in the dining room...and it has the blue/teal color that catches my eye in the Spring and Summer months.

And finally, a little flip faced story doll from the 70's! I saw Soulemama talking about these awhile back and wished I knew how to sew! But I don't. So when this fell into my hands, there was a squeal heard 'round the Goodwill.

I have said it before and will continue to say it...it is SO GOOD to be home!