Attitude (Also Called "How I Caused a Scene At The Shipping Store")

(Cue the dramatic music...)

I had a bit of an issue with the girl at the shipping store yesterday afternoon. I don't know why I kept trying that store. I've only been there a handful of times, but have now learned my lesson.

It seemed so simple.

I wanted to buy a box.

They sell them.

She had some attitude from the get go...then I had some attitude...then she raised her eyebrows and added a little sarcasm to her voice as she told me "I GAVE you the right BOX for the ITEM!"...to which I asked for a smaller box...to which she turned to the person behind her and rolled her eyes...to which I told her I was not going to be shipping from after all. This girl is giving me attitude for bringing something into her store to ship, when that is what they do?? Seriously? Spectacular customer service.

(And then gathered up all my shipping supplies, bubble wrap, tape, invoice, the item and Bud and stalked out the door)

There are other places to ship my items. I cannot ever imagine stepping into this store again.

I must be getting older and cranky. Was it just me? Is customer service being flung by the wayside?


Linda said...

Oh customer service is almost non-existent in some places! These people should be glad they have a job but since it isn't a DREAM job they just put in their time. I too get very frustrated when trying to get help sometimes. Then there are the great places that go out of their way to give you service, that's where I will spend my money!!

Paige said...

Good for you! I would have gave her some attitude back and left too! It's happening a lot lately around here too- in retail, restaurants. You would think with the job market the way it is, people would be thankful to even have a job- but I guess not in some cases.

Elisa said...

I would have done the same thing, in fact I did. I probably helped my daughter not get a job too. We went by a local pizza place that had NOW HIRING, ALL POSITIONS, APPLY WITHIN, written in big letters on the glass. She goes in the girl takes her applications and says.... wait...."If we have any openings we will call you". OK, so I go in " excuse me are you hiring or not?" "Well not really we are just trying to get people to fill out applications." "Ok" so why not just put TAKING APPLICATIONS instead of NOW HIRING!!! it kind of gives the wrong message. I don't think she will get the job, because I think I rolled my eyes a couple of times there. I will give her credit she didn't. she just looked at me kind of stupid. Uh yea you think.sorry I'm ok now, ha ha, I feel for you and understand.

Kathie @ my net finds said...

I always complain to a manager, otherwise managers don't know if they have an employee with a bad attitude (seriously, you know this person acts sweet as pie to her boss). Maybe complain isn't the right word, but feedback. You should let that manager know that business was lost because of this person's attitude. I try to think of it this way too, if I owned a business or managed one, I would want people to let me know about such situations. :-) I think you did the right thing walking out.

Frippery said...

I think the only way customer service can be revived is to stop frequenting places that do not seem to have any! Then write a polite letter letting them know why they will no longer have your business. Somewhere the idea that you can be rude and unhelpful and people will just take it and continue to use your services has become the norm. Just because I want a product does not mean I won't do without or go some place farther away to get it if I am not treated well. I wonder how these people treat guests in their homes? Everyone laments the loss of brick and mortars to the internet, well bringing back customer service may help. OK. Finished ranting, haha.

Marilyn said...

I Have to put my 2 cents in. I work in a grocery store and know how it is to work with the public. I have noticed in the last year that people are very demanding and inpolite. Most of them are younger people whom I assume grew up without manners. Also, I think the economy has something to do with how people are acting. I reward good service whereever I shop. Tell the manager when you are happy with the way you were treated.

CC said...

I own a small grocery store and have worked with the public for years..and it's not easy, but bad attitude to a customer would not and will not be tolerated. Here, a customer is highly valued..they can go anywhere to shop, and when they come here..I am grateful. They keep me in business. And eye rolling????
She would have been fired so quick,her head would still be spinning. I wish you had told her manager or store owner.
Have a wonderful day from a store owner. You're always welcome to come here and choose whatever you like and we'll even carry it to your car for you.

Sue said...

Wow! I hope you contact the manager (or if it is a chain, contact headquarters). A number of years ago I took my car to the local dealership for minor repair. I told the receptionist I needed a ride to work and she pointed out where to wait. Well, a LOT of time went by, and I noticed some people were leaving, so I went to the desk and was told to SIT DOWN AND WAIT. Rather rudely. Shortly after that, I saw what I thought was the van that transported customers, so I ran outside and stopped another employee to ask. Oh, yes, he said and stopped the van and helped me on. Later I took the car in because there was a problem with the seat belt. I got there at the end of the day and they informed me they had to "order a part". Wait, I bought this car from you, you know what year model it is, and you didn't check first to see if you had the right seat belt in stock before having me come in? The next trip there was another problem I can no longer remember. So I wrote to the American headquarters (Japanese car, NOT Honda). Next thing I know, the local manager called, offered to pick up my car and return it to me when they were finished. At the time I parked at my church, and they left the key with the secretary. A bigwig from headquarters called to follow up. But I shouldn't have had to go that far, but it was the right thing to do. Also, I wanted to comment on Marilyn's post, about making a point of thanking people for good service. Several years ago I was shopping at Sears at Christmas time. There was some confusion over my Sears card and the young man directed me to a phone that connected me to the credit dept. We took care of business and I want back to the young man as directed. The store was hugely crowded, but he acted as if I was his only customer, and turned what could have been an embarassing situation into a pleasant one. I wrote to the store manager. Some time later I got a letter from her thanking me for writing and saying the young man had been singled out in a staff meeting for his excellent service. It's too easy to complain, and too easy to not say thank you.

Joyce said...

Next week she will be on the unemployment line and wondering why. Not to worry because they have 100 applicants in this economy and someone nice will take her place.

Nalamienea said...

Working with the public is a hard job to do, especially for minimum wage when you can't make your bills and you just got told you're not getting your $.15 raise this year because the economy sucks.

but the moment I knew I couldn't do it without smiling anymore I left and went back to college.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I couldn't agree more...
Customer service is hard to come by in some stores.

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Ohhh my....I hate to hear that. Definitely go to a different store. (But I'd love to see the video!!!) STAN

Ninny said...

And she didn't even call you, "Hon..."? Honestly, these young whippersnappers with their "Mama didn't teach me no manners!" Pathetic! Good for you!


grunge-queen said...

Arg, my blood pressure is rising hearing this story. Nothing to do with age Sonya! Customers shouldn't be treated that way by employees and vise-versa.

I would be tempted to write a respectful note to the manager, if the experience is still grating on your nerves.

Or you could go back and take the high road with the rude girl - be syrupy sweet with her and let her know she was extremely rude to you last time, but you're giving her a second chance - then watch her burn!! I know you're not necessarily looking for advice but this is my revenge fantasy for you!!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I have written an email to the corporation. The manager there is the one who the girl rolled her eyes at and has who has bellowed at me on previous occasions that "THE PACKAGES NEED TO WITHSTAND A SIX FOOT FALL!" to which I usually say back "What are you planning on DOING to my package?!"

Stanley said...


An email is great, but what will get their attention is if you actually write out a letter, put a stamp on it and MAIL it to several big wigs and copy it to the president of the company. That is easily enough found on the brand's Website.

I had a situation with a dishwasher from a major retailer, and guess what, I finally wrote the president who took care of the matter.

Oh, yeah. Something in print scares them. Electronic communications are too easily deleted.

Good Luck!

Sue said...

I agree with Stanley. An actual letter in the mail is rare compared to an email. The email can be more easily ignored because they'll think you wrote it in white hot anger and "maybe it wasn't all that bad". An actual mailed letter says you had time to calm down and took some effort. Let us know what happens next.