Before We Get Too Far Away From Christmas...

I need to show you my wonderful Neighbor Lady's treasures! A few weeks ago, we were at her home for a Christmas Tea and after I spent a rawther long time ogling all of her holiday decor, she graciously let me come back yesterday with my camera before she put her decorations away for the year. I told her that you would appreciate it as much as I did.

She had little vignette's everywhere throughout the house:

Elves on the staircase:

More little vignette's:

Everywhere you looked, there were Christmas treasures! This little postcard was tucked in the antique grandfather clock:

She loves old Christmas cards and this one especially tickled me:

All along the walls, there are framed Christmas art:

Love those trees made from vintage jewelry:

A take off the mouse in "Twas The Night Before Christmas":

I wanted to rip this one off her wall and run out the door with it. I behaved. It's not a very great pic I took, but the sandman is putting the little guy to sleep right before Santa comes:

Handmade treasures were everywhere:

I have this deer, too! I am loving those dream pets and would love to collect more:

A old stocking:

More Christmas treasures:

And her tree was filled to the brim with wonderful old shiny brites and ornaments like these:

A Christmas Angel:

And years ago, a student made this Santa card holder for her that still gets used every single year. What a great treasure:

She said many of the decorations were from when they were first married and she told of fabulous auctions she has been to over the years where she would pick up these treasures for pennies. She didn't think that the younger generation liked these kind of decorations, but I assured her that there are many, MANY of us out there who do.
Aren't they just drool-worthy?!


thasnifty said...

I sooooo needed a vintage Christas fix, thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. What eye candy!

Linda said...

Oh me oh my! What wonderful photos for my eyes! I love all the vintage items. I want one of those trees made out of old jewelry! Yes I do!
Sigh....Is Christmas really over??

CC said...

I too would love one of the trees made with old jewelry..but oh my gosh !!!! what a beautiful Christmas house she has. Each thing is more wow than the last and that tree is breath taking. When next you see this lady, thank her from me for the pictures. They're wonderful.

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Oh gosh. I do love this so. I want to get on a plane to Sioux City right now and take pictures of everything in your neighbor's house! And I bet she's got some boxes in her attic or basement that would provide hours of fun. That little sled scene with the church: Is that mounted on styrofoam? I wonder if someone made it. It reminds me of a craft that my sister and I made when we each were in first grade. The teacher instructed every child to bring in a cleaned turkey breast bone and a square of Styrofoam after Thanksgiving. The bones were then spray painted gold or silver and mounted, ribs up, on the foam. We then turned them into Santa Sleighs, complete with reindeers and the like. For years, my mom put them on either side of the piano during Christmas. I think Mom may have finally tossed out our turkey-bone crafts, but this reminded me of them.


Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thasnifty, I did too, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Linda, I am seeing these all over the place these days!

CC, will do...she is such a charming lady.

Stan, I DARE YOU! DO IT! DO IT! Jump on a plane RIGHT NOW and get your fabulous self here! It seems to be mounted on foam...so much of her stuff was handmade by somebody at some point. Isn't it just delicious?

Sue said...

I love it all - trying not to drool over all the cool stuff! A few things I probably wouldn't be able to use, thanks to Lily the World's Most Curious Cat (not to mention little thief) - she would cart them off all over the house, all the little soft things! Your neighbor has wonderful stuff! I got some ideas and will try to make something!

Jenny S said...

My whole keyboard is covered in drool now!!! hehehe!! Love the Annalee doll next to the dream pet! Thank you and your neighbor for sharing!

Kathie @ my net finds said...


Michele said...

Oh my gosh...those pics brought back so many memories. My mom had alot of those decorations when we were growing up. I wish I could have gotten to them before she died. Thanks so much for sharing!


Lisa E said...

The jewelry tree took my breath away. I want one of those SO SO SO bad. I collect vintage costume jewelry, and that tree is the ultimate. I really truly enjoyed your picture journal .Thanks to you and your neighbor for graciously allowing us inside her world.

Ninny said...

Well! I just found your blog and I am in HEAVEN! My sister and I are junkers and we have a booth in an antique mall in Oklahoma, Love's Briar Patch. We named our booth "My Sister's Alibi" and have more fun going to all sorts of sales and thrift stores looking for treasures! I plan to follow your blog!

Liz (aka Ninny)

Linda H. said...

Add me as a fan of the vintage jewelry tree. That is amazing! (Hmmm...I wonder if I could start scouting out the garage sales and collect enough jewelry to make one?)
All of the pictures were fun. Thanks!

LBP said...

You would have had to pry me out of that house with a crow bar! I am sitting here drooling all over myself.

What great Christmas treasures! Wish they were mine! LOL!!



Leilani said...

Wow what amazing displays and a beautiful collection. I would have stolen the kangaroo ornament right off her tree, hehe. Yes, the 'younger generation' definitely is in love with this style. :)

Elizabeth said...

I know it's almost March, but I can't get enough of the photos of your Neighbor Lady's Christmas treasures. I could live with Christmas all year long! I SO want to read that little framed newspaper article "Most Memorable Christmas"! WOW!