Christmas Sphere's

Maybe sphere isn't the right word. But my brain seems to be a bit muddled this morning, so we are going with 'sphere'. Prism shaped? That sounds better. Seriously...this ice storm is starting to get to me.

It isn't always easy to find Christmas thrift during later January, but when you do find it, it has a tendency to be marked down quite nicely. Won't these look fab on a vintage wreath?


Vonlipi said...

Those are totally fab! They would look good by themselves too! In my living room...hihihi

Linda said...

I will go with prisms! They will look awesome on a wreath! Yesterday was a barren thrift day for me. I did so well on Monday I can't complain...but of course here I am complaining! smiles!!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Ohhh..Love these...let's say...prism pendants? You could wear them as earrings! Are they glass? Plastic? Stan

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Spheres are a bit more round-shaped, aren't they. Geeez. I frighten myself sometimes!

They are awesome in whatever shape they come in...and Stan, they are plastic. Yum!

icandy... said...

Oh!!! They look like icicles! I love them so much!
Those vintage ornaments certainly have character!

Prior said...

Yes, I can picture them on a wreath! Nice vintage... I passed up some things yesterday while out thrifting... also trying to be more mindful...Lezlee

Ninny said...

They look like Christmas icicles...they are beautiful! Wonderful find!