I Bought A Book

And I absolutely regret it. Not only did I not THRIFT it, but I spent $20 on it at Barnes and Noble. It was not even in the clearance section.

It is a decluttering book and I have been eyeing it for several months now. I love me a good decluttering book. But this one? Notsomuch. Instead of telling me why I should get rid of things I don't want/need/love, it took me step by step through HER house and stuff SHE was getting rid of and was not at all inspiring me to do any more purging along the way. Simply because she was hanging on to some odd stuff for no apparent reason other than it cost a lot of money or her kids once played a steel drum and who knows when one is going to be inspired to play a steel drum again? I am sure it was therapeutic for her to write the book, but truly? Why did I have to spend $20 good dollars on it? I am so going to be passing this book on to Goodwill and just chalking it up to another lesson learned.

If you are looking for a FABULOUS decluttering book, the very best one I have ever, EVER come across is this one:

I proudly own this book (I used to borrow it from the library every few months and then came across it at Goodwill last year!) and every single time I look at it, it helps me to clear out things that are no longer useful in my life. She is the one who gave me permission to throw out massive papers and pictures from high school as well as my yearbooks. I think of her and that book several times a week, it is that good. I wish I would have bought 2 more of her books and done a giveaway on the blog with them instead of buying that other book.

Again, live and learn, right?


Linda said...

Oh Sonya, I hate when I spend good money on a bad book! I will look for the other book you mentioned, at the thrift store of course! One of my steps of Growth this year will be to organize and de-clutter. Of course I did spend $$ on Stan's book The Find and it is worth every penny er dollar! smile.

This Thrifted Life said...

I'll have to check this book out! I threw out my yearbooks a few months ago and it was SO liberating.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Sell it on Half.com! I sell (and buy) books there all the time and it is easy peasie.
xo, suzy

Ninny said...

I love to declutter, however, yearbooks are one item I keep for future generations. I have my parent's old yearbooks and they are OLD! My kids love finding their grandparents in them. I love organizing so if you have an organizing book you recommend, let me know!


Jenny S said...

What was teh BAD book so we do not get it!!!?????hehehe!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Is this the same book that has a chapter on colonic cleansing at the end (no pun intended)? I worked at a book store once and I remember flipping through a book that was similar to this with a coworker. We were amazed at how thorough she was with the clutter cleansing. The author said we can carry as much as 40 pounds of colonic crud around without realizing it. Maybe I'm actually a skinny chick who just happens to need her colon Rotor Rootered. LOL
Seriously. Is this the same book?

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Please don't pass that bad book to Goodwill. Take that book back to B&N pronto! Like now! And get your money back. And then if you feel super-generous after getting your cash back, then make a donation to Goodwill!

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

I can't believe you threw out your yearbooks, I am busy trying to replace mine, and have spent over a hundred dollars doing so, LOL!
Your favorite book seems cool! I'll have to try and locate it!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Hi everyone...sorry I am so late in replying.

Linda, even if Stan's book cost $40 it would still be worth it:) Gosh, I love that guy!

Thrifted Life--YOU GO GIRL!

Georgia--I hadn't heard of that before!

Ninny, I figure that if *I* don't want to remember me from that time of my life, why should my kids and grandkids, haha:)

Jenny, I have emailed you the name. Spread the word so I don't have to be the snotty one:)

Toronto, YES! YES! That is the one!!

Stan, really? Even after it was read? I am trusting you as an Author to tell me I can truly do this.

Kati--Over a hundred dollars?! Oh My Goodness! I hope you get them all and find them cheaper...do people really have that good of memories of high school? I should have gone to YOUR school:)

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Do it. Especially if you have the receipt.