January Glitter

I've been re-organizing the Studio and realized there were a few finished projects that I still needed to show you! These were all done before Christmas, except for the 'Night Before Christmas Box'...this was glittered this morning:

A very sparkly candelabra:

A glittered electric candle:

And a clock that plays a different Christmas carol on the hour:

It had a yucky green frame to it that sort of reminded me of the early nineties so I of course immediately thought to sparkle it:

There is glitter EVERYWHERE in that room and terribly thick on the rug I keep in there as well. But it looks festive!


Kathie @ my net finds said...

more masterpieces from the Queen of Glitter :-)

Shopping Golightly said...

I saw an ornate picture frame done in a very fine brown glitter - gorgeous. I thought about it as I did the month hair color so I can pretend I don't have greys. I dreamed that maybe there should be a product line of hair color glitter. I'd really like a dark brown copper color.

Sue said...

So what do you look like, Sonya? Glitter all over clothes and hair?! From what I can remember of glitter when I was a kid, you usually end up glittering yourself as well.

Stanley said...

Glitterella rules!

Shelley Germann said...

My, oh my! That's a lot of glitter! Love the Christmas box. How are good are you to start so Christmas projects this early!

Sewing-Chick said...

I can always count on you for great ideas! We have that clock, and we have those electric candles. I never thought to glitter them!