Mindfully Purchasing

One of my goals in 2010 was to work on Mindfully Purchasing while I thrift. Too often, far too often, it is easy for me to say "Well, I can just put it in the booth if I decide I don't loooooooove it. And now I am trying to decide whether or not I loooooooooove it while I am shopping.

For Instance...this weekend, I went through all of the children's books. We have a lot. And there were a whole lot that made their way to Memory Lane on Saturday:

And this is only a section of them. I know...I know. I have a hard time saying no to books and we have been collecting them intently for about 12 years now.

So when I stopped by Goodwill yesterday and started browsing the book aisle, I was proud of myself for only picking up 5 books! And then...wait for it...I put 4 of them back! After I had the books in my hand, I realized that I truly only needed one of them. Or wanted one of them, let's be real about this.

One last thing before I head off to tackle some projects today...My Valentine Wreath sold at Memory Lane!

Goodbye, my dear shiny brites! I hope you love your new home!


Linda said...

I am trying to be more selective with my Thrifting but am now picking up things I think might be in my future ETSY store or whatever I decide to try. I have stopped looking at books (well almost stopped) because I have so many, of course do cookbooks count, cause I picked some up yesterday, how about childrens books? cause I got some of them over the weekend? Oh yes I am really trying to edit my purchases!

I love that Shiny Brite wreath! Hope it went to a good home!

Always, Linda

CC said...

I have several weaknesses when it comes to thrifting. It seems that I must collect every cookbook, Pyrex, shadowbox,and patterns..pattern and more patterns. Crochet and craft patterns. I just have to stop .. there's no more room, so I can either open a booth or have a huge yard sale. And aprons..I must have a hundred aprons.
I thought your Valentine wreath was just gorgeous..and I hope it found a good home.

Linda H. said...

This weekend at the thrifty I resisted a sugar and creamer set, even though it matched my vintage mugs and some heart shaped candle holders (candleholdera are my true weakness). If the prices had been lower, I may have succumbed to both, however, I was proud of myself for resisting just the same.

If the Shiny Brite wreath had been there, I would have bought that!!

Ninny said...

With every purchase I make while out junkin' I adhere to the Golden Rule of Vintage Value: Love it or Leave it! Everything I sell in my booth at Love's Briar Patch is something I love myself. I have a hutch full of milk glass and a cabinet full of Moon and Stars, all of which will make it to my booth at some point in time! I still have time to give it more love, don't I?


~~Carol~~ said...

Yes, I agree with you about being more mindful of my thrifting ways, but that wreath! Oh my, that wreath!! It's gorgeous! Now not only do I still need to get enough ornaments to make a Christmas wreath, but now I NEED to get some to make one of these beauties!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Good on you! I've been watching Hoarders and I'm worried that I'll turn into the old lady surrounded by boxes of thrifted goods. It's an addiction. The trick, like you said, is to be selective. I'm working on that one.
Hope you are well. I love the wreath.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Good for you! I go through phases that I think I should buy more (for the shop and web site) and others where I wonder what I was thinking when I bought *that*. but books seem to copulate and have babies, so I have to do what you're doing. Even then, when I've bought some strictly to sell and then they don't.....

Someone's really going to love the heart wreath. You've made someone's Valentine's month special.