OH Gratitude, Where ARRRRRRE You?

Doing my extensive research using google and the 45 seconds I have this morning before we do our typical shotgun start to a Monday, The picture of the man is Grace and the woman is Gratitude...I totally had that backwards in my mind!

And since so many of you haven't seen the woman before, I thought I would show you a picture of her:

These pictures are so soothing! Obviously I could use a bit more Grace and Gratitude in my life.


Beth said...

My ex-husbands grandmother had these pictures in her dining room and I always liked them. I have been looking for my own set for years now. I found a pair at an antique shop, but they were priced way out of my budget. I'm glad you found the one and wish you luck on the other!

Ninny said...

No, I had not ever seen this picture. Looks like my mother!


Linda H. said...

I did a little research on the pictures too and found a great description on the Augsburg Fortress website. It includes this: "This moving testimonial came from a businessman in nearby Grand Rapids, Minn., who wrote about the picture in a newspaper column. He concluded the column with a simple, eloquent prayer to accompany the picture":

"Lord, there may be many homes that are larger than mine. There may be tables groaning with food and drink in abundance. There may be riches in supplies and appointments. There may be conveniences on every hand and there may be physical assurance that tomorrow will bring still more. But, Lord, you have been with me unto this day and supplied my necessary requirements. On that assurance I rest by belief that you will bless my efforts, if I apply them to the best of my ability to carry on. I am content. Amen."

"Other words of appreciation for the picture — for its deep expression of reverence, humility and gratitude — have come from near and far."

Perfectly said. Nice memories for a lot of people also.

Kathie @ my net finds said...

my grandmother had one of them when I was really little, but I can't remember which one....maybe both? I know they look really familiar to me!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Thank you for sharing her. And you are much more graceful and thankful than you make yourself sound. Truly. Stan

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I don't think I've ever seen these before! But Grace? Seems to me she might be saying, "Give me strength, Lord."

You'll find her some day. When you least expect it, there she'll be.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oops. I meant Gratitude. It just seems like the woman should be Grace, doesn't it?

christine said...

look on ebay, they have a bunch . Just search gratitude woman.
I have the grace one as well..it was in my granmas house as a child and I found mine at a thrift store...never knew there was a woman piece!