Brass Swans

I have had a bit more time to thrift again and came across this lovely piece. What cracks me up about this is: 2 months ago I did not like anything brass. Brass to me represented a phase I went through in the 80's for a short period of time. And now? Well! Look at what I purchased willingly! And Hubby is loving it, which cannot be said of all my finds!

I have it on the buffet in the dining room and it looks right at home there. Sort of a wishing of "April Showers", yes?

Do you know of a good Brass cleaner or homemade recipe to shine it up a bit?


Linda H. said...

I absolutely LOVE this piece! I have yet to find a good brass cleaner. I hope someone has a suggestion!

Sue said...

I'm on my church altar guild, and we use silver cleaner on the brass, believe it or not, and it works fine.

Ninny said...

Alas, poor brass, it does not like this lass! Okay, sorry, it just popped out and I couldn't resist. Anyway, I meant to say that don't know how to clean brass, but your piece is lovely!