Super Bowl NumNums

I love this cook book. Drop whatever you are doing and go buy this cookbook immediately.

You can find The Pioneer Woman by clicking

A girlfriend gave me an early gift in November when she went to a book signing of The Pioneer Woman's and bought me a book and had Ree sign it! My girlfriend and Ree are both rock stars.

This is one of those cookbooks I have been curling up with all winter long in the evenings and Ree's recipes are superb...this is one that will get made a bit later this afternoon as we get closer to the game.

But I have already made her recipe for pico de gallo and it is sooooo good! There may be another batch of it needed later as well. I used part of it to make guacamole and oh my! Yummy goodness!

I have no picture of the guacamole. It was gobbled up rawther quickly. I don't want to talk about it.

And we are making a big pot of chili, because what is football day without chili?

Other misc numnums are buffalo chicken wings, fresh veggies, homemade shrimp dip, cheese and crackers...and a whole lot of leftovers for the next few days!

Enjoy the game! We have a house divided today, but I am rooting for the Saints.


House and Garden Boutique said...

Sonya, I am definately going to check out this cookbook......wow, great photos......I am now definately hungary & loving it! Thanks for sharing....I'm going to recommend this cookbook to our local bookstore, that has signings all the time. Hope you can stop by my blog & say hello!

Ninny said...

The ranches where Ree lives in Oklahoma are some of the most beautiful in our state! There are canyons, wild horse preserves, buffalo, pump jacks that serenade over the prairie, and a million stars in a sky that goes on forever! She has much to inspire her. My sis has her cookbook and also loves it. Guess I need to buy it for my son-in-law....he's the cook at our house!


CC said...

I love Pioneer Woman, I think her site is just the greatest. Do you think it would be acceptable to post the recipe for pico? I have wanted a good one for a long time..I know it's simple to make,and yet mine never seems quite right. Thank you if you can post it..and I understand if you can't.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

The pictures of the ranch land look so gorgeous!

CC--I can't, I know you understand...maybe you could look on her blog and see if she has it posted there?

Hugs, Sonya