Book Sale, Drop Offs and Clearing Out!

I talked myself out of going to the annual library book sale on Friday night.

Then decided to go.

I've been so good about clearing stuff out that I didn't want to just randomly bring a whole bunch of books back in. And you know how intense those book sales can be!

So I went with the intention of only buying books that were practically new and only books that I really, really wanted. Like a full set of those Phillipa Gregory books during the Tudor years. Well, I did not find one Phillipa Gregory book, but I was thrilled to pieces to get another Karen Kingston book! This is the companion book to Clear Your Clutter. Squeeeeeeee!

I also picked up this book:

I can't wait to wreck it! Another loud Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

And the final book I bought? This One:

Did I ever mention that I am a wee bit obsessed with Pike's Island? Not that I have ever been there. But I can totally picture living on this island. Or at least in Maine on some island. I even browse the realtor-dot-com site to see what is for sale occasionally. Just one of those little things that intrigues me. And this novel is set on Pike's Island so it was only natural that I buy it and bring it on home.

And that is it! 3 books from the book sale. I am rawther proud of myself!

Yesterday afternoon was spent making 3 trips to the Children's Closet to drop off everything we are letting go of for the sale next Friday and Saturday. I can't believe we made *3* trips with the SUV loaded down. In my defense, we were getting rid of many large outdoor toys. But one of the trips was just toys, books and children's movies. And another trip was clothing and shoes. It feels so good to have all those piles out of the house that we've been looking at for a couple weeks now.

Today I have a couple bags for Goodwill and then am going to wander the basement enjoying all that open space once again!


Sue said...

Congratulations! Both on limiting yourself on books and on carting out so much "stuff"!!

Linda said...

Wow that is a lot of stuff you have gotten out of the house! Congrats on that! Love the books!

Marilyn said...

doesn't it feel good to get rid of stuff. Lost and Found is a good book. I'm going to put Karen Kingston on my list of things to look for. Thanks.

Ninny said...

I think our children are bigger pack rats than we are. It's amazing to me how much "stuff" they acccumulate just to keep them entertained. Yep, life is good when you "decrapify!"

Kelly @ blackdog finds said...

My Mom lent me Lost & Found and
Nice finds (and restraint!).

My mom lent me Lost & found and I'm trying to start it, but I'm so hesistant because I don't want it to be sad re: the dog. He looks a lot like my boy.

I've lived in Maine all my life and I've regrettfully never been to Pike's Island. But you're right really any island up here is going to be gorgeous, and we've got a lot of 'em.

Becky said...

Hah! I was there Friday night, too...mostly haunting the childrens' section (where I found three out-of-print books worth about $500--but, as is the case, too beautiful and adorable to actually sell) and I apologize belatedly if--in my zeal--I elbowed you at all. :-) We've been going since about 1995.