Dadddddy! I Want A Ponyyyyyyyyyyy!

Spoken in a whiny British accent, of course!

Is this not a HOOT?! It doesn't have the electric part to it that makes it 'clomp, clomp' or 'clickety clack' or whatever the horse sound would be (can you tell I never had a pony??) but it is still fabulous. Fabulous!

It will be making its way to Memory Lane within a week. We have to break it in, you know!


Mick said...

Hey! When I was little I had one like this named "Bucky" :) Sonya Id liek to introduce you to my Friend Colleen. Shes a crafty girl, and is currently re working her blog to be more of a sewing crafting artistic sort of place. Shes into theater, musicals and thrifting just as much as you and I are! Why dont you Stop on by!


Glenda said...

oh sonya, that brings back memories of when the kids were little...they had one similar, it wasn't electric, otherwise it was almost the same..they loved it..
nice find,

Sue said...

Cool! Your kids are letting that one out of the corral/house??!! I have a wooden rocker my Dad made when my older son was 4. It takes up needed space, but too much attachment to get rid of. Now that grandchild #1 is on the way, I know where it will be going in a couple of years!

Ninny said...

My son had one almost like that when he was young. My mother-in-law sill has it, but it's been repainted.

Love it!


The Elegant Thrifter said...

I'm curious...is he electronic? Or is it just electronic thunder that he creates? x Stan

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Aw! My boys spent lots of time on these types of ponies! ♥

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I saw one of these in my local Goodwill and started to get it. It certainly looks GREAT!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting