Deja Vu Thrifting

There are certain items that when I come across while thrifting, if the price is pretty good, I can guarantee that they will be coming home with me.

Case in point:
Old pipe cleaners...I have been coming across these a lot the past few months and am getting a nice little collection of them. They will be used for crafts. I was pleasantly surprised to see them for a quarter.

And what could be in this bag??

Fisher Price Little People and some accessories! I hoard them. I am not all that ashamed to admit it. It isn't even about the kids playing with them. I want them and that is all that matters whenever I see them. They are just so happy looking! The cool items on the right belong with the hospital set I came across last year that was missing a couple pieces, so this will fill it in quite nicely.

Is there something you are still thrifting even though you know you don't really need it but want it nonetheless?


raggygirlvintage said...

Those little fisher price people are so timeless, love them too!

Dollie said...

My Mom, sister and I recently went to a yard sale, and picked up a Fisher Price Little People Farm. It had the barn, farmer, and animals. Every time I see little people, I think of my sister (those were her favorite when we were growing up.) Needless to say, if I ever get lucky enough to spot them, they're a must buy for me too. Although I hardly ever see any of them when I go out thrifting etc.

Hope you have a wonderful day!! Glad I'm not the only one that loves those Little People :)


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I have a hard time walking by vintage linens-actually...I can't pass them up! My friend is crazy for the little people, so I keep my eyes peeled for them for her!


Ninny said...

Yes, I am still thrifting old Christmas tree ornaments even though my tree is literally covered from top to bottom with them! I'm also thrifting milk glass, even though I must already have 50 pieces of it! Obsessive to be sure, but oh what fun!


~~Carol~~ said...

Actually, I don't need any of the stuff I collect! Unless you mean need as in: "I need to bring this home with me, otherwise it will torture me forever" kind of need. Then the answer would be yes! Metal picnic baskets, old tablecloths, pottery. I need all of that!


When I saw the pipe cleaners..it reminded me of my Dad... he used that brand.
It's sweet that you like the little Fisher pirce people...they are cute and happy!
I enjoy and collect a few things...
Deb :)

Jane said...

Oh, I just love those F-P Little People!! When my kids were little I wanted to get everything! Still have a few items (airplane, school bus) and quite a few of the people with some furniture. Actually have one sitting right here on my computer desk. Although my youngest grandson will soon outgrow them, I'll still keep them & love them.

I remember crafting with those pipe cleaners too.

Always enjoy your blog!

Jane - Jacksonville

Amy said...

Hahah, I do that too. I especially buy the fisher price stuff I had as a child.. for my daughter of course. LOL.. ehem. I recently bought the old tudor style house at the thrift for 3.95 even though my little one already has a new fp house. Heehee! i grew up near Fisher Price headquarters in western new york so I have a soft spot for all things fp!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

I've only gone thrifting once since moving and when I did, I found a bowl from my childhood! I think that what it's about for me- memories. ♥

Tera said...

I simply ADORE FP Little People!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep a few sets in my studio. Some are my original toys, others I bought. And you are right they just scream *HAPPY*. I have some clowns on my dresser so they are among the first things I see eveymorning :>