Yard Sale Tips

Well, the yard sale has come and gone. The skies cleared up literally minutes before 8:00 and we were able to set up...whew! Sold some stuff, made a little money and took the leftovers to Goodwill. Success!

My one no-fail tip is to price everything a dollar or more...it is a gift to not deal with quarters, nickels and dimes.

Have you hosted a yard sale before? Was it good? A nightmare?

Do you have any tried and true tips?


Zootsuitmama said...

Yes - it wasn't fun...people want to pay reaaally dirt cheap prices. But, of course- I love to go to dirt cheap sales!! But, after all the work - at least I get rid of some stuff cluttering up my basement!! Zootsuitmama

Marilyn said...

My yard sale tip: Don't bother writing a bunch of info on the signs. I can't read them going 30 or 40 mph and I can not stop in the middle of the road to read your address. Big arrows pointing the way. And PLEASE take down your old signs when it's over.:)

Shelley Germann said...

You know my sale was a big success despite the rain! I'll just tell ya (because it's the best I've ever done.) I made five bills! And I had TONS of stuff market less than a dollar. You can imagine the amount of stuff I accumulated in one year, no less!