Home again, Home again jiggedy jig!

The landscape in the Black Hills/Badlands is just stunning...these last photos simply do not do it justice.

My favorite hotel that we stayed at was The Lodge outside of Deadwood...so new, so beautiful, from the rooms to the restaurant to the cool pool play area for the kids:

The champagne chicken was un-be-lieve-waitforit-ble. And the tomato salad was delish!

Oh my love, an umbrella clothesline! I have wanted one of these for years. Seriously...years. Hubby has now gotten in to the habit of pointing them out to tease me. So I take photos of them to tease him into getting me one!

Looks like someone has been busy soldering! These were found at the Mt Rushmore gift shop...so cute!

And as wonderful as it is to go on vacation, it is just as wonderful to be home again and back into our normal routine.

Have you been out to the Black Hills? This was Bud's first trip out and he loved it. Do you have a must see tourist destination out there?


Sue said...

When do we move in? LOL!

My mother had one of those umbrella clotheslines and loved it. When she finally sold the house and downsized, the new owners took it out. At her mobile home park, outdoor clotheslines were against the rules because they "looked tacky". Dumb!

Ninny said...

I have never been to the Black HIlls, just he Black Mesa here in Oklahoma. Sigh. But I'd sure like to go! And any clothesline would tickle my fancy! I love them!


Tera said...

AWWWWWWWWWW I have a thing for clotheslines. You need to have one!

dogsmom said...

I don't get to go mucj of any where. Am jealous that you stayed in a new hotel! I wonder how many people take pictures of their food.