Taking Me To My Happy Place

Do you remember when I found the Nativity Whitman book last fall and was having a difficult time even thinking about taking it apart? Well, now I can actually do it!

Even though it still makes me break into nervous giggling.

Not the Christmas Village, of course. I only have one of those...so far.


Sue said...

I can SO relate! I vaguely remember putting together houses like that when I was young - don't remember if it was a nativity or some other Christmas scene. Christmas in July is one of my favorite things! The new Christmas fabric is out, Hallmark does their thing, and we're halfway to Christmas again. This year there will be a grandchild!

Shelley Germann said...

Oh, here I am back from my self imposed hiatus and you are gone! Hope you are having fun! We did that trip a few years ago. Hope you hit Custer State Park. That was a big hit with us! Looks like you might be at the Badlands, too. Did Wall Drug...you're having lots of fun!

Anyway, you will be relieved to know I have found a charm for my necklace! I am sooo happy with it. I'll be sharing...soon!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh wow, I have one of these sitting in my living room. Mom got it back in the day. And here I didn't think it was anything important. =)