Friday Finds:

Yes, yes I know it's Sunday. Yesterday was spent entirely in the basement playing with my toys, er, I mean moving around items that are going to be sold on Etsy.
It was an enjoyable day!

But I do not want to miss showing you the treasures that abounded on Friday:

I am loving this little house. I think it needs to stay a season here.

The bagfuls of Santas are already showing up at Goodwill:

She was hiding in the bag:

And then we have some sweet honeycomb bells:

And you will laugh...I found another cooler! This is the second one I have come across and now figure I will have to use it in my holiday decorating. Actually, these would be fabulous to hold drinks in during a party!


Lisa E said...

Those are some fun finds. I like enjoying a find for a year or so then passing it on for someone else to enjoy. That cooler is awesomeness.

The Thriftress said...

That cooler is adorable. Perfect even for as an ice bucket!

allison, a flea circus said...

i really do love that cooler...if you ever want to sell it, email me!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your finds. I need to spend sometime in my basement today getting items ready for Etsy. Still playing is so much more fun. Love the cooler! Now if I can just find one!!

Maria Stahl said...

I HAVE that cooler. :)

Question for you: Do you do well selling vintage-y stuff on Etsy? I have a website but it's a dud. Never sold a thing there. Sometimes I ponder just moving everything over to an Etsy shop. But it's not handmade.