Salt Cellar

I had the chance to wander Second Season on Pierce Street last week and was thrilled to find this beautiful glass salt cellar:

And a tiny spoon:

That only gets more adorable when you add a second tiny spoon:


Sue said...

Too sweet! Is that a Fostoria piece? My mother had a set of Fostoria dishes, which my brother now has - I didn't have room - ;( and there were 2 small "dishes", for lack of a better word that I wonder if they are salt cellars, too. They are very small and oval shaped. At the end of her life, Mom used them to hold the morning's pills (and it was heaped!).

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I LOVE salt cellars!!! I have a few of them in amethyst and in clear and I love to show them off!!!