Ch-ch-ch-changes (play kitchen)

Do you remember when I thrifted this?

I thought that color would grow on me. I really, really did! I kept hoping it was a dark olive green. It wasn't. It stayed a weird sage.

So this past weekend, I painted it!

I tossed around orange thinking I would bring it out during the fall. Then I thought about a great red, using it during the holidays. I even contemplated a dark pink! And then realized, it would be best used right now in a matte black. Standing in the corner of the dining room.

And they is always possibility of color change in the future!


Nong Yang said...

It's adorable! All that is needed now is some cute china. :D

Sue said...

You can fix anything with paint! That is a wonderful piece. I agree: needs some china (no, you're not getting my mother's doll dishes, or mine, but they sure would look good).

~~Carol~~ said...

Paint. It's a good thing! It sure is cute, and I agree that all you need are some of those tin children's dish sets or tea sets!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Wow...3 of the same suggestions! I think that SOMEONE should send me some cute little dishes, haha!!

I have been using this as a place to drop my purse, stack books and other misc to-do stuff. I think having little dishes on there would be faaaar cuter.