Enjoying The Week

After the long days of last week, the past week has been so enjoyable! I have been getting so many things done off of the constant To-Do list.

I even took some time yesterday to clean the upholstery in my car! That has been on my list for months! It wasn't glamorous, but it was something that was so nice to scratch off. (and besides, this blog is about thrifting, there is not a whole lotta glamour in that, is there??)

As you well know, I do a lot of procrastinating. I am good at it. Gifted, one might say. Very, very talented. There are hundreds of amazingly cool treasures down in the studio waiting to be listed on Etsy. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Listing on Etsy is something I have been meaning to do since the first week the kids went back to school...in MID AUGUST. But instead I distracted myself with this or that and put it off. This week I challenged myself to spent part of every day listing.

And I am pleased to report that I have been!

As a matter of fact, going through the items to list has renewed my creative spark...coming across things that I have made or altered is such an inspiring trip back in time. So once again my days are filled with a bit of Etsy, Blogging, Thrifting and Creating. And I am feeling a good balance. Which I absolutely was not feeling a week ago!

My wish for you, is to find something that inspires you over the weekend. Enjoy!


Nong Yang said...

Awe, thank you! I'm hoping to find a little vanity that needs some love. :D Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Ah - procrastination! The bane of my existence! I, too, am very good at it. Perhaps would even win a gold medal in my field! But, I, too, actually ticked 2 very procrastinated things off my list yesterday, and heard some wonderful things as a result of 1
of them. I have been knitting lots of baby hats, with the idea of selling on etsy (we'll not talk about procrastinating about the etsy part!). I decided that I wanted to donate some of them, particularly the pumpkin hats, to the local pregnancy crisis center. I FINALLY was able to stop by yesterday (by getting off work at 3:30 since they close at 4). The ladies there LOVED my hats and can't wait to give them out to their clients! They also had met my DIL several months ago when she was looking in to volunteering and again when she went to them for an ultrasound, and sang her praises. I was able to show them pictures of my new grandchild (and he wore a pumpkin hat home from the hospital this past Tuesday!).

So why do we procrastinate when moving past it gives us such pleasure? If I knew the answer to that one, I'd bottle it and retire rich!!

Into Vintage said...

I am so very good at collecting things to sell on etsy but so very s-l-o-w about listing them. It does seem like once I get over the procrastination hump, I get on a roll. Sounds like you're rolling too! :-) -amy

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Sounds like we all do the same sort of thing ladies! Thanks for checking in.

Ninny said...

I had some blog catching up to do, so here I am and read several posts at once...love the aluminum coffee pot!! I, too, need to get busy and list some things in my etsy shop. Taking good pictures is time consuming!