Glitter For Etsy (And Wreaths!)

And last, but not least...we have the glittered pages in vintage frames that will be making their way (slowly, but surely) to Etsy. I am so pleased with how these turned out!

After putting away all the glittering yummies, I brought out the hot glue gun and other brightly colored goodies:

And have begun the wreath making process!

This is an awesome thrifted wreath that was on a metal stand. I bought one knowing I was going to do this and contemplated buying a couple more. There must have been 10 of them for sale at the rummage that day. And I bought one.
After mulling it over for about a half hour, I swung back by the sale.

And they had all been sold.

So lesson learned and I am going to be content (for the most part) for the one I did find. It has been given the hot glue gun treatment and sent on its merry way to Memory Lane!

Seriously loving this process of creating these wreaths. And now I need to go find and sort the rest of my vintage shiny brites!!


Sue said...

NICE! I love the glittered pictures. And the pictures of all your supplies gathered together. I especially like the 3 baskets on top of each other (don't know what to call it) filled with Christmas balls. That would be pretty just like that - just display all those colorful balls somewhere in the room at Christmas.

After seeing that, I'm inspired to do "something" myself. I did buy a large wreath on sale after Christmas last year, with the idea of decorating it like you do. My other idea is just to take some of my own ornaments, particularly breakables, and put them on the wreath. For the past few years (since I got Tiger and then Lily), I can't put breakables on the tree - they insist on climbing and thinks have been broken. And not use the glue gun! We'll see...

What I really should be doing today is sewing the soft fabric book I want to make my for my new grandson, Henry, for his first Halloween. Time is running out. I bought a fabric panel of the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have a Christmas panel, too. I've actually been home sick for 2 days, but might manage a sewing machine for a little while, in between coughing fits. If I don't get it done, he won't miss it as he's only 3 weeks old and might enjoy it more next year. Of course some things we really do for ourselves, LOL!

Good luck with your projects - can't wait to see how the next ones turn out.


I like the glittered frames and your wreath is great. I have stuff to make some wreaths also..just need to sit down and make them.
Deb :)

Ninny said...

Boy what an inspiring post! Liz needs to get Halloween over with and work on Christmas right away!


Kym said...

I love, love, love the glitter pics!Oh, and i love the kitty too.
And wanted to say i really enjoy reading all your blog post.