15 Minute Window Of Sunshine:

That is what I had to work with this morning! Has it been dark and windy in your area, too? The wind has been blowing so hard! And with it came a bit of snow. When the sun came out for a brief moment I ran to get my camera and the things I have been wanting to show you since I brought them home yesterday:

All of these have been lovingly arraigned in the Dime Store Thrift Etsy shop.


Sue said...

Great loot!!

We have pouring rain and thankfully very light wind. No snow, either, thank goodness. I'm driving a rental car while mine gets fixed and it feels way too big. So glad the weather isn't too bad!

I'm glad you got a few minutes of sunshine for photos!

Ninny said...

Our weather has been sunshine, sweet bright sunshine! Cold and windy, so it is deceiving, but oh, so welcome. All my little vintage Christmas finds have been drug out of hiding and spread out so I can see what I want and what to sell. Isn't it just the best fun?


AuntLou said...

Your deer is very similar to mine, given to mt in 1972, I think!

Lisa said...

Really enjoying seeing pictures of your thrift finds...I love finding bargains too! Thanks for sharing!

Daisy said...

I had a reindeer just like that red one! Oh, the memories.