Is That A Scotty Dog In The Stable?

This just recently sold in the Dime Store Thrift Etsy Shop:

Other than the fact there is a wise man on an elephant, the thing that struck me the most was this dog:

Maybe its a sheep dog? But it looks like a Scotty!

Either way, my friend Sue was thrilled to pieces to nab this treasure to add to her collection.

Don't forget, a winner will be drawn tomorrow on Thanksgiving for The Find by Stan Williams. Be sure to enter by clicking the link on the sidebar!


AuntLou said...

Looks like the "mixed breed" dogs still seen in the Holy Land. Didn't notice purebreds, there. Too big for a Scotty. Cute question, though!

Sue said...

Thanks for posting more pictures so I can drool over it while waiting for the real thing to arrive!! It is a little big for a Scotty, but that was my reaction, too. I'm still amazed over that elephant as well!

Dawn said...

Ha! It's a poodle, it must be! I've got a small collection of tacky nativities and so far it seems each one has a poodle in the scene somewhere. I actually wrote a post about it last week - http://craftythrifter.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/thrifted-theology-1/

I'm getting suspicious...

Ninny said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sonya! I'm thankful for you, because you have inspired me to make two wreaths and a tinsel tree!