Plastic Elf and Bud's Room

Hmmmm...I know it's an Elf. I know it's Plastic. I know it can stand or be used as an ornament. And that is about all I know. There aren't any other markings on him.

Anybody?? He is heading towards Etsy and that would be sorta sad if all I can say is Plastic Scary Clown Elf.


And I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. I went into Bud's room the other day to help make the bed and noticed something taped to the far wall:

He is gooooooooood.

And on the other wall was his listing of Star Wars figures. Can you read his list?? Sound it out...

He is putting things on the wall because his sister has things on her door:

I remember doing the exact same thing as a kid!

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dogsmom said...

My family took away all kinds of tape since I was the only one of the kids that did this. I only used the inside of a really nasty old door too. When I grew up and had children of my own I did not complain AND in return I was gifted a roll of ducttape by my son. Does he know his mom or what? (The same son who gave me my own tire iron.)

Oh- to me the elf looks English.

Sue said...

That elf IS a tad bit scary looking! Interesting. Don't you just want to melt when you see what Bud posted? You must be doing something right! What a sweetie!

I love seeing what your kids put on their walls. My folks gave me a bulletin board for my room - that was fun. Don't have one anymore, but maybe I should (I think when you're an adult, they call that the refrigerator, LOL!). I do have my living room wall, 2 stories high, covered more than halfway up with old family photos (one is dated 1865), so maybe that's my subsitution for the stuff taped to the wall.

Ninny said...

How cute....your son's list, that is. I used to teach first grade and was real good at reading invented spelling, but I've lost my touch now. I did make out a few words, and not being very Star Wars savvy had trouble with other words.

As for the elf...twisted minds, twisted minds. He looks a little mean, but I bet he'd sell!