Ahhhh, Monday...

I woke up thinking it was still the weekend. It's not. But Hubby was making the coffee as he does every morning and that always makes it all better, doesn't it?

First of all...I just looked at Ebay and did a tiny dance of excitement that people are finding my wreaths. Let the last minute bidding war BEGIN! Giggle, snort, snicker.

Second of all...I am thinking that Ebay might be the way to go! I am watching a pink bottle brush wreath that I had in my hands at a church sale a few months ago, (but did not buy) and it is over $300 right now. I was a FOOL not to buy that wreath when I had it! Who knew? Now I do. And I could be dangerous with this knowledge.

Third of all...I went to a new thrift store recently. And I am actually going to TELL you about it! And give you the name! And location! I must really be all jacked up on coffee this morning!

It is called Attic Treasures and Basement Bargains and is located on 21st Street in South Sioux City, Nebraska (just over the bridge from Sioux City). The most startling thing about this store was when I walked it, they had beautiful instrumental music playing and yummy smelling candles lit...it was like I walked into a Hallmark store. I immediately found the manager who told me that all of their donations are made off-site where they completely clean each item and (sit down for this) WASH ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING before the donated items make their way to their thrift store! If you have never thrifted before, this store would easily convert you. And if you are an avid thrifter, it is just a delightful experience.

See? I can be generous with my knowledge.

Ok, time to get Bud off to school and get some goodies listed on Etsy. Enjoy your day!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


Van said...

That DOES sound like an amazing thrift store. Were the prices raised to accommodate the washing and ambiance?

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Hi Van! Nope, everything was super reasonable...even better priced than most places I thrift here. It was just such a cool experience!

Ninny said...

Since I love to thrift, this store would be a wonderful shopping experience, especially the clothes. Two months ago, I bought a mink collared coat (in perfect vintage condition) for just $35 and I get compliments every time I wear it! I'm assuming that, as nice as this store is, you didn't find any goodies there or you wouldn't have shared it's location, LOL!!

Have a great thrifting week, Sonya, and may you find many, many treasures!!


Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Ninny, I ADORE you! You always make me grin:)

I bet you look FABULOUS in that coat, it sounds stunning!

Actually, I found STAN'S Christmas gift there the last time I went. That won't be shown until after he receives it so I don't ruin the surprise.

Sue said...

I checked out eBay before I read your blog and noticed the bidding war! How exciting! And someone finally bid on the other wreath as well. Amazing the prices things go for sometimes. I have gotten caught up in bidding wars and stupidly paid too much for things I probably could have waited for and gotten later, but it's easy to get caught up! I'm glad that's going well for you.

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Well, Thanks for the thrift store tip... except it does me NO GOOD, as I live about 1000 miles away : ) But we do drive thru there 4 - 5 times a year from Michigan to Colorado... possibly I could talk husband into stopping : ) Then again, when we drive thru there it is usually the middle of the night & the only thing open is the casinos ( we have stopped there :)
SO glad that your wreaths are finally getting the attention they deserve.... Here's hoping that they go really high... :)

dogsmom said...

Congratulations on your new find. Maybe you need to publicize it so other thrift stores can take notice!

Our GW plays a version of holiday music. Not the classical or soothing versions, to be sure.
Funny, I notice it at Halloween and Christmas but not other times of the year.
Vinnies has the local radio station blaring overhead. At least it keeps me up to the moment with the weather.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Sue--Is it POSSIBLE to spend too much money on these wreaths??!! I think NOT, haha:)

Kathy, If you let me know when you are coming through next time we can meet!

dogsmom--All the GW's are doing the radio station that has Christmas music on right now...festive:)

Sue said...

Probably not possible to spend too much on your wreaths, but I DID spend too much on a glow in the dark
Shiny Brite nativity once (not telling how much!).