The Guy and The Happy Ending

So I walk into my favorite Abundant Vintage Christmas super secret thrifting store. (this sort of sounds like the beginning of a bad joke...)

And there at the counter...is a man...buying 2 plastic made-in-japan reindeer and a plastic Santa driving his sleigh with 4 more reindeer.

I think I gasped. And then I might have looked shocked. You see, people around here typically don't buy what I am buying. You know? I sort of thought that you and I were the only ones who are into this stuff. And now I come to find out there is a older man out there IN SIOUX CITY who is collecting the exact same treasures?

After I pulled myself together, (this entire incident might have lasted a total of 2 seconds) I smiled at him and let him go past to get out the front door. Then slumped my shoulders forward in disappointment just like Bud does when he is denied a treat right before supper and decided to make a little walk through just in case. You see this store just has everything I want sitting right in a basket by the checkout or bagged up on a shelf behind the counter. They make it really, really easy for me to swoop in and just swoop right back out.

While walking around the store, I came across a large rubbermaid filled with shirt boxes. That was sitting on another rubbermaid. Of course I lifted it up to see what was under there.

And hit the mother lode of vintage style wrapping paper!!!!

Most of my yummies that I sell on Etsy are wrapped up in vintage paper so this will keep me supplied for quite a long time!


AuntLou said...

Congratulations!! & I feel the same way when I see someone walking out with "my" stuff! Ah, well.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I know how you felt. Last month I walked into my local Sally Ann just in time to see a lady checking out 6 boxes of vintage glass Xmas bulbs -- YES 6 boxes! The greedy pig! There were none left for this greedy pig :(

glenda said...

Sad, that's just sad...I might have followed him out and offered him a profit. Glad you found your paper,tho.
Happy hunting,
and Merry Christmas.

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh Joy! Rapture! The wrapping paper is exquisite. That's something I never see around here, and it's probably a good thing, because I couldn't bear to cut it up! And if it was me, I might have had to turn to a life of crime, just to get those goodies away from that man!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you are too funny! we don't have thrift stores like that around here.

Ninny said...

Oh yes, it pays to dig and we thrifters aren't afraid to get our little hands dirty! I saw a box in the back room of my favorite thrift shop filled with odds and ends junk....think I passed that baby by? Not on your life and I found a Lefton bowling nun figurine with a George Lefton signature! Glee isn't the only show in town! I was giddy!!! Now it's in my Etsy shop just waiting for a forever home.

Love the wrapping paper, Sonya!


Vintage Freckles and Finds said...

Today at the Salvation Army a lady bought "MY" boots!! I Enjoy your blog.

Lisa said...

I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought my kitchen table holiday decorations for a few dollars! You can see it on my blog if you want to!