It Doesn't Show Signs Of Stopping...

But it finally did stop snowing and blowing late last night. Now we dig out! Or should I say Hubby Digs Us Out!

Still haven't started on the Christmas cards. I did go through pictures of the kids and found the photo I want to use. But other than that? Nothing.

Here is what has been filling my mind this morning:

This is the advent calendar that Bud has been using the last couple years. I love it, love that it was homemade from someone and I thrifted it...but I despise the burlap.

 Should I cut it out and put it on a different piece of hard felt? Could I paint burlap? Glitter it happy? I am starting to feel like drastic measures need to be taken because I just don't like seeing it hanging there day after day and needing that burlap gone.

Suggestions would be welcome.


Kathy@ Gone North said...

Wow... the snow!! They say it is coming here to Michigan... not yet : )
No suggestions on the advent... Maybe glitter??
Nice about the wreath on Ebay... but WAY TOO cheap, here's hoping it goes way higher... good luck

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Kathy, stop what you are doing and go stock up on soup makings, cocoa and popcorn. It makes it far more merry:)

Maybe the wreath will go (even cheaply) to someone who really needs it this Christmas. That is what I am hoping for:) And next year I start listing the week of Thanksgiving!!

~~Carol~~ said...

That storm is unfortunately wreaking havoc here now. The wind is howling and Christmas decorations are flying!

AuntLou said...

Hmm, the burlap looks good, to me! I think you can paint it. You could cut it off and put it in calico, plaid or velvet, for that matter! Haven't been following long enough to know how handy you are, or how old your offspring. When my parent(s) decided to "improve" something I loved, I often cried! Would glitter stick? How about a decoupage effect? Bead it? Cross stitch or chain stitch? Good luck! :)

Sue said...

AuntLou makes a good point - make sure Bud is OK with you changing his banner before you do anything (and have him help if it IS OK). I can see what you mean about the burlap, though! Ask him what he thinks should be done (and offer him some suggestions).

I've been following your eBay wreaths. I'm glad at least one is selling.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Carol, I hope it has passed?

Aunt Lou, I am so glad you found me! Soon enough, you will see, I pretty much can glue and glitter and touch up paint. Other than that? NOTHING:)

Bud is 5 and isn't too attached to that Burlap. After looking at it again, I think I am going to glue and felt over the burlap part. Sue, I am glad you both mentioned if he was in love with it, to not change it. Thank Goodness he loves the idea of adding felt!!

Hugs to all, Sonya

DogsMom said...

I am playing here on the computer while hubby is finishing the last shovelling out of the driveway. If he had started earlier yesterday... (or gotten the snowblower working...)
I think cut out the tree and bottom, saving the burlap "ground" beneath the tree and appliques it onto another background.

Sue said...

Just checked your eBay listings - nice price on that larger one! VERY nice! Surprised the other one didn't get more - maybe people thought bigger is better. Congratulations!