We Interrupt Vintage Easter To Bring You:

A dollar bag of Christmas leftovers from Goodwill:

These are the treasures I picked out of the bag:

I squealed when I came across her:

Who am I kidding, I was squealing the whole time:

Later that evening, I heard a thump as Callie jumped from the table to the floor and walked into the dining room to find this:

A good reason to not leave treasures on the table for kitties to jump up and snatch. But she knows that the pipe cleaners are always hers...


More Vintage Easter

These were in the same package as the items above:

Not my style, but when I lined them up on the radio, they sort of cracked me up with the looks on their faces. They will make their way to the booth.
From the decadent spending of the 80's they were marked $3 each...


Vintage Easter Crafting

This little face makes me extremely happy. I always think that nothing can top Christmas yummies and then I find vintage Easter yummies and think otherwise...I am very fickle that way.

These little darlings are going to be making their way on to a Easter wreath!

I found some great deals yesterday even though I had a headache from trying out my new glasses (see twitter on sidebar) but am thinking that if I had my old glasses I might have missed all these treasures at a flea market over in Morningside!

I will get more pic's taken but before I leave you:


Vintage Bar Ware

If only I had a bar area! Now I am going to be on the look out for something that will work as a drink stand...these are the type of items that have me daydreaming about mixing martinis for cocktail parties. In an evening gown. With sparkly sequins.

This eclectic piece was found at Second Season on Pierce Street here in Sioux City.


Brass Swans

I have had a bit more time to thrift again and came across this lovely piece. What cracks me up about this is: 2 months ago I did not like anything brass. Brass to me represented a phase I went through in the 80's for a short period of time. And now? Well! Look at what I purchased willingly! And Hubby is loving it, which cannot be said of all my finds!

I have it on the buffet in the dining room and it looks right at home there. Sort of a wishing of "April Showers", yes?

Do you know of a good Brass cleaner or homemade recipe to shine it up a bit?


Flea Market Style Is Here!

The magazine is Fabulous! Just found my copy this morning at Barnes and Noble in Sioux City and it would take a crow bar to pry it out of my hands.


"P" is for Piggie Block

That goes to the Readers Digest Playskills game I found last week...it was hiding in the bottom of the last of 7 huge toy boxes that I looked in at Goodwill today.

Thrift Karma, baby!


Tiny Christmas Treasures In A Plastic Bag

While doing laundry this morning (I get a whole lot of stuff done while doing laundry) I decided to go through some boxes in the basement that were sort of shoved off in a corner. I have been doing my best to just ignore them, but felt that today they deserved to be looked into.

In the bottom of one was, to my shame, a bag filled to the brim with holiday yummies that had far too many heavy things on top of it:

This was one of those bags of treasures that I had completely forgotten about! Another shameful hanging of my head.

I think they should be organized a bit better, don't you? So out come some small-ish boxes to start sorting some like items...


Tiny Deer:

Wooden Treasures:

Ceramic, Candles and MishMash:

After sorting, I realized that these little boxes are not going to all that there is once I get all my little treasures organized (right now they are all over the place and most definitely not sorted by like items!)

But at least these are out of that plastic bag, right?




About a year ago I started thinking about making jewelry. Not that I have ever made jewelry before. But there were some specific pieces that I had the feeling of "Well! I could do THAT!"

Then a month ago I started thinking about soldering this jewelry because I realized in my extensive google searching that soldering was what I was going to need to do to make these specific pieces.

About two weeks ago I emailed my 'soldering expert' who patiently explained to me what soldering was...my questions ranged from "It is like using a blow torch? Is it like welding? Is it scary?" because I am pathetic like that. My S.E. (soldering expert) asked me what I was trying to do. I tried to explain. Which is not easy to do when you haven't a clue as to what you are trying to do other than "I want it to look my favorite owl necklace! It apparently has lead free solder around the edges!"

I think I might be annoying with my ignorance coupled with enthusiasm.

After much questioning, my S.E narrowed down what I was trying to do and embarked on a mission to help me figure out how to do this, because my S.E. is awesome. And thus encouraging me on my jewelry dream which at this point has become a wee bit of an obsession. I am gonna be a jewelry star.

Doesn't everyone tackle new projects thinking along these lines?

And even though I have honestly 10 much more important things I need to be doing, I gathered all my supplies together on Wednesday. And tried to solder for the first time. Because I have a jewelry dream and that is the most important thing right now. Really this is how I think. It is sad.

Anyway...the soldering? Not so good. Do you know how HOT those solder guns get?! I knew but didn't really KNOW that I was going to be MELTING METAL. I knew, but didn't really know.

I can't even show you the end result. I am going to save it, of course, because it will be funny to look back on some day when *I* am a S.E. and everyone is buying my amazing jewelry.

But for now? I am going to take a break from melting metal for a week or so.


Glittering Red Hearts At Memory Lane

I spent some time pretty-ing up the booth at Memory Lane on Tuesday...my neighbor who I share the booth with had surprised me by decorating the booth with wonderful glittery red hearts!

I had moved some stuff around so that rack of clothing could be there for a couple weeks. Typically, the booth is more about decor, not clothing, but we will see if it moves or not.


Readers Digest Playskills Kit!

I have NEVER seen one of these before and I can't find ANY information about them online. Nonetheless, this kit is AWESOME!
It is missing "P" but I am going to go back and hunt through the enormous boxes that I found it in and hope for that little piggie square to show up. And directions...directions would be nice...


Question For Re-Sellers:

Where do you keep your inventory? How do you keep it all organized?

Down in my studio (I am so loving that word!) things have a way of getting a bit clutter-y. I typically have to move a bunch of stuff to have a space to work at. Some of it is craft supplies...some of it is inventory for the booth or Etsy. Some of it is stuff I haven't decided WHAT I want to do with.

But back to my first question: Where do you store your inventory? HOW do you store it? Seasonally? Alphabeticaly? Please share and help out a fellow re-seller to help her get organized. They don't have a book to help with this!


Super Bowl NumNums

I love this cook book. Drop whatever you are doing and go buy this cookbook immediately.

You can find The Pioneer Woman by clicking

A girlfriend gave me an early gift in November when she went to a book signing of The Pioneer Woman's and bought me a book and had Ree sign it! My girlfriend and Ree are both rock stars.

This is one of those cookbooks I have been curling up with all winter long in the evenings and Ree's recipes are superb...this is one that will get made a bit later this afternoon as we get closer to the game.

But I have already made her recipe for pico de gallo and it is sooooo good! There may be another batch of it needed later as well. I used part of it to make guacamole and oh my! Yummy goodness!

I have no picture of the guacamole. It was gobbled up rawther quickly. I don't want to talk about it.

And we are making a big pot of chili, because what is football day without chili?

Other misc numnums are buffalo chicken wings, fresh veggies, homemade shrimp dip, cheese and crackers...and a whole lot of leftovers for the next few days!

Enjoy the game! We have a house divided today, but I am rooting for the Saints.