Gardening 2010

Hubby and Bud have been working hard the last couple days...building me a garden! The past few years we used our salvaged window flower boxes. But this year I have a 4 foot by 8 foot plot of land to cultivate!

I watched them build it...

And fill it...

And then I got distracted and started wandering the property and taking pictures.

Then I got thirsty. These are really yummy if you are into this kind of thing...

And sipped my beverage, inhaling deeply the scent of lilac while watching my boys work.

Don't feel bad...my hard work in the garden begins this weekend and then Hubby can be the one watching from the patio!

I am most definitely planting tomatoes, cukes and basil and have been tossing around the idea of a bit of zucchini, green beans, pea pods and a couple carrots. You would think I had a far bigger garden than I do! But I am getting pretty good at gardening in small spaces.

How about you? Are you planting this year? What are your MUST HAVES in your garden?


Book Browsing

Yesterday I spent a very relaxing couple of hours at my favorite huge book store, picking up book after book that even slightly piqued my interest. Pretending I had hundreds of dollars to spend on fabulous decorating books, books about being creative, books about blogging, books about the Tudors and books about cooking yummy healthful foods. And some that are not-so-healthy.

And walked out of the store with nothing.

Last night I did find some of the books at the library which made it even more nice...I think it was one of the more enjoyable moments I have had all week!

I didn't venture over the Children's book section yesterday and will save that for my next book-therapy trip. Do you walk through the kids' area of book stores? I love that section!

When I am thrifting, if I find a Betsy-Tacy book I will always buy it...that series is my all time favorite and I still re-read them often. And Trixie Belden! And Little Golden books just make me completely happy to have around.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite books are! Do you ever re-read books you loved as a child? Or gift a child with a book you once loved?


Birthday Yummies

I have been coming across a lot of old Birthday cake supplies lately! I simply cannot walk past them. It would be too sad to just pass them up. So I have been 'gathering'. Here is the latest grouping to arrive home with me:

What ARE these? They were in the bag I bought so am assuming they were part of Birthday cake decorations as well? They are so cute!

All these goodies I have been collecting will be put inside an old penny candy type little jar and set on a shelf on the kitchen island.


Misc Squeal!

There is nothing like the feeling of pouring that first cup of hot coffee, opening up the paper to the classified sections and seeing Church Sale on a rainy, rainy Friday morning. Couldn't get ready and get the kiddos off to school fast enough!

These are some of the treasures that surfaced:

I am loving, LOVING this owl. He might stay outside on the patio or he might come in to the mantle or buffet. Or maybe a shelf in the backroom.

Little mice. I have something tumbling around in the back of my mind about hickory dickory dock...or twas the night before Christmas. Could go either way. Glad I bought all of them in case I get really creative!

A little Chalkware little guy...

A cute little elephant in stripes!

Ohhh, a penny pot!

Very fun sale!


Thinking Ahead...Halloween 'Swanky Swig'

I came across this at the South Sioux City Goodwill the other day and scooped it up to put in the Autumn/Halloween decor box that we'll put out in later September. I think the inside of the glass will sparkle with a bit of vinegar rubbing. Still loving the "Swanky Swig" moniker! (Big shout out to my girl at Oodles and Oodles)



My favorite necklace these days is a simple ball chain that I attach odd things to...I have put old rings, keys and cool pop bottle tops on my ball chain along with my 'nicer' slides. This week I am using a tiny compass that came in a little bag of treasures. As soon as I saw the little loop on the end, knew I would be wearing it!


Dadddddy! I Want A Ponyyyyyyyyyyy!

Spoken in a whiny British accent, of course!

Is this not a HOOT?! It doesn't have the electric part to it that makes it 'clomp, clomp' or 'clickety clack' or whatever the horse sound would be (can you tell I never had a pony??) but it is still fabulous. Fabulous!

It will be making its way to Memory Lane within a week. We have to break it in, you know!


Christmas Rummaging

I have said it before and I will say it again...Church rummage sales always have the best (and most reasonably priced!) vintage Christmas yummies!

Here is a Lefton mug I came across that is in pristine condition:

And a nice big box of Shiny Brites with a few 'made in West Germany' ornaments thrown in!

Does anyone know anything about this ornament? It has the same type of hanger as the German, but without markings...

Sighing with contentment.



Little Twinkie Man here just cracked me up! How adorable to stick in a lunch box with a twinkie on occasion...


Advent Box Rescue

I doubt I can ever walk past an Advent box found while thrifting or rummaging that is under the $5 mark. This one was $3 and in a sad state...look at the little handles that are missing...the chips in the paint...But I love it!

I am going to sparkle that baby up somehow. Maybe, I don't know, using glitter, perhaps? And put on different little knobs. I am grooving the black paint, but am not sure if that will stay or not. It would look fabulous in our house with those colors right now, wouldn't it? So many decisions! It's going to head down to the studio and wait until I have some time and am in a Christmas-y sort of mood. Probably while doing laundry.


Grocery List

I believe in the Thrift Karma...if you get rid of stuff you don't necessarily need anymore and pass those on to others, things that you truly DO need will come to you.

Like this little chef holding a spool of paper to write down what we need at the store. I needed him. Well, wanted him pretty strongly once I saw him at Goodwill yesterday!


Book Sale, Drop Offs and Clearing Out!

I talked myself out of going to the annual library book sale on Friday night.

Then decided to go.

I've been so good about clearing stuff out that I didn't want to just randomly bring a whole bunch of books back in. And you know how intense those book sales can be!

So I went with the intention of only buying books that were practically new and only books that I really, really wanted. Like a full set of those Phillipa Gregory books during the Tudor years. Well, I did not find one Phillipa Gregory book, but I was thrilled to pieces to get another Karen Kingston book! This is the companion book to Clear Your Clutter. Squeeeeeeee!

I also picked up this book:

I can't wait to wreck it! Another loud Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

And the final book I bought? This One:

Did I ever mention that I am a wee bit obsessed with Pike's Island? Not that I have ever been there. But I can totally picture living on this island. Or at least in Maine on some island. I even browse the realtor-dot-com site to see what is for sale occasionally. Just one of those little things that intrigues me. And this novel is set on Pike's Island so it was only natural that I buy it and bring it on home.

And that is it! 3 books from the book sale. I am rawther proud of myself!

Yesterday afternoon was spent making 3 trips to the Children's Closet to drop off everything we are letting go of for the sale next Friday and Saturday. I can't believe we made *3* trips with the SUV loaded down. In my defense, we were getting rid of many large outdoor toys. But one of the trips was just toys, books and children's movies. And another trip was clothing and shoes. It feels so good to have all those piles out of the house that we've been looking at for a couple weeks now.

Today I have a couple bags for Goodwill and then am going to wander the basement enjoying all that open space once again!


Wine On The Patio

I have been looking at stem-less wine glasses for a couple years now and always talked myself out of buying them...until today! I came across these at a church rummage sale and between the gorgeous tints, the fact there were 8 glasses unchipped and they came with this awesome holder...they were going to be coming home with me.


Being Productive!

Over Easter break we have been getting massive amounts of things done around here!

As soon as one of the children started saying "I'm bored" I would lead them up to their rooms to go through things and while doing so, would get items decluttered as well as find an old fun toy they forgot they had. Or book, in Lu's case.

Project One:
Lu and I went through every piece of clothing, cubbie, drawer and chest she had in her room and managed to fill 4 bags that went to Goodwill and a large laundry basket of more clothing to price for Children's Closet. She even went through all her makeup containers and got rid of old lip balm and lotions she has been holding onto for years. Some of the really good stuff (American Girl) was handed down to one of our little girlfriends who is just starting to realize the importance of American Girl when you are 7.

Project Two:
Every thing is now marked and ready to go for Children's Closet!

Project Three:
I finished thrifting for my friend Holly and am in the process of packaging up her box o' treasures. I will show you what I sent her after she receives it...she gets panicky when I try to mess with her surprise.

Now on to other projects!


Sorted! By Lissanne Oliver--Money Saving Tip

Update! Thanks Lissanne!

This is the American cover of the book...

And this is the Australian cover...

I LOVE this book...it was so inspiring to read! My favorite tip was dealing with money:

I am really, really good at saving my quarters. Not so good about saving my $5 bills. I tried for a while a few months back and it was super easy to save them until I tapped into the $5 hiding spot and then forgot to replenish it with more $5 bills that came across my path! Typical me.

Do you have a good way that sort of 'tricks' you into saving money?


Give Me A Beat!

This is one of those questions that has plagued me for a couple years:

Do you have music on your blog?

I did a test run for the past couple of weeks by having music even though on other blogs, I can't stand to have music jump out at me. I take that back...I absolutely love The Vintage Laundress' music and often find new artists by listening to her blog. But other than that, music on websites drives me cah-ray-zee. I am always listening to my own music, so having another song start up over my stuff is so very, very distracting.

But I thought for 2 weeks that I would see what it would be like to have the music playing on my blog that I am always listening to when I am online.

That little test came to an end this afternoon and I am now going to have a link to what I listen to, what I read and favorite websites...just click on the link and it will take you there.

So what is your opinion? Do you like to listen to other peoples music on their blog? Or do you want to leap through the computer screen and crush their little music player? Hypothetically, of course.