We had a playdate over iced lime water yesterday and one of my Girlfriends is all cool and toting an iphone...which I promptly yank out of her hands and start taking random pics:

All the exact same picture, just using different filters:

It makes every single pic look good! Thankfully the iphone owner is generous and kind and lives close by to let me borrow it often.


Memory Lane, Glitter and Etsy:

Last week was spent filling the booth at Memory Lane, getting highly distracted by a semi-annual bag sale at a local thrift store (I went back three times!) and the kids first full week of school getting into a routine.

And then I spent most of this past weekend glittering in the studio...this was an old cork bulletin board that was within minutes of being sent to Goodwill when I decided to paint the frame and then glitter the cork! I think it will make a fabulous space to show off old Christmas photographs or cards. It's heading to Memory Lane.

This is what the carpet often looks like in the studio:

Very, very sparkly!!

This week is going to be spent on Etsy, I am so excited!



Pinch Of This, Dash Of That

I was rawther excited to come across these yesterday morning while browsing around Memory Lane. Glass jars just have so much more character to them...they put the boring grocery store plastic-y spice containers to shame. I had big plans to do a little transferring of the spices when I brought them home.

But now?

I am thinking they would be so cool transformed into some sort of Halloween display...making little tags with 'eye of newt'!


Glitter In The Fall

Hubby attached a new mailbox to the front of our home and I couldn't get my hands on the old one to glitter fast enough. I made one a year or two ago using Christmas-y red glitter and was planning on doing a re-creation of that one. Until I saw the beautiful orange glitter I had tucked away! Bring on the cooler temps of fall...


Etsy Bound

OK, The kiddos are now back in school* and I can focus on getting the Dime Store Thrift Etsy shop filled once again!

I found an old game of Anagrams and have been making little notes with them for days now:

This sheep cracked me UP! I love her. The expression on her face is simply too adorable:

Wouldn't these be perfect for serving slices of cake with iced tea?

I will let you know as I get closer to getting the store up and running...expect a soft opening early next week!

*This was Bud's first year of Kindergarten. I kept up a good front until he walked through the doors of school and then fell to pieces. Pieces! Thankfully, he loves school and it was a wonderful, perfect first day for him. I am sure I will be able to keep it together today dropping him off!


Santa Says "Peace, Out!"

Fun Christmas-y find at Goodwill:

I haven't been doing as much thrifting as I would like to do over the summer months but am seemingly able to find several things in one thrifting trip when I do get there.


Back Home

It has been such a lovely summer! And now it is time for back-to-school...it always comes around too quickly.


Play House

When we were out in the Black Hills, we stopped at Storybook Island and found these adorable little playhouses:

Maybe my soldering expert wants to get together with my Hubby and plan out one for the far corner of our yard?