Friday Finds:

Yes, yes I know it's Sunday. Yesterday was spent entirely in the basement playing with my toys, er, I mean moving around items that are going to be sold on Etsy.
It was an enjoyable day!

But I do not want to miss showing you the treasures that abounded on Friday:

I am loving this little house. I think it needs to stay a season here.

The bagfuls of Santas are already showing up at Goodwill:

She was hiding in the bag:

And then we have some sweet honeycomb bells:

And you will laugh...I found another cooler! This is the second one I have come across and now figure I will have to use it in my holiday decorating. Actually, these would be fabulous to hold drinks in during a party!


More? More!

Two more pictures to show you from that fabulous church sale from last week...

An elf Christmas card holder:

And what I am referring to as a Christmas Peanut Man:

Deep sigh of contentment.


Church Sale Findings:

A Styrofoam Santa in Sleigh...

A Christmas sprite made in Japan...

Honeycomb witch centerpiece (with all the pieces still intact!)...

A holiday card holder...

Two Styrofoam reindeer that will get glittered...

A cluster of Christmas goodness...

A plastic cake stand for when Stan Williams, The Elegant Thrifter, comes to visit and makes his Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Christmas balls to use to make more wreaths...Must! Make! More! Wreaths!

I had so much fun at that church sale last week! That sale is always a huge hit...and I always, always find the coolest treasures to bring home.
You can come with me to the sale by clicking HERE!


Dime Store Thrift Vlogging On YouTube...

Something new here at Dime Store Thrift:

Click Here to join me on Youtube...


Special thanks to Whitfield Methodist Church for having an awesome older congregation who donates...Lu for use of her flip phone...video...whatever. Hair and makeup done by myself, obviously;)


September Let-Me-Thrift-For-You Giveaway!

I am ecstatic to announce a September Let-Me-Thrift-For-You Giveaway! I am gooooood at shopping.

You know I am.

And if you are the randomly selected winner, I shall shop for you and send you off a fabulous package filled with all sorts of things that you love as a gift from me to you.

All you will need to do is:

Leave a comment: Tell me what you are grooving right now. What would you love to find at a thrift store? Make certain you leave a way for me to get in contact with you!

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The lucky winner will be drawn the final day of September and I will start shopping October 1st...Ready? Set? Gooooooooo!


Making Me Want To Have A Gathering:

I ran out to Pier One late last week to grab some metal wall hooks for Lu and Buds bathroom and of course took a good look around while I was there! Pier one relaxes me. If I am in the need of retail therapy, I can find something for a couple dollars that is unusual and unique. Otherwise, just walking around the store and browsing is enough for me. There were several things that caught my eye...a few wall hangings that are welcome to come and visit our walls...and as always their glassware gives me much pleasure. But the one thing that made me squeal was their new entertaining 'tapas'-like dinnerware:

Wouldn't it be fun to host a party like this? I especially was grooving the tiny wineglasses. Sort of like a tea party for grownups with yummy food! I am sure if I thought long and hard about it, there is a cool way to use a few of their pieces with pieces I can thrift for a more eclectic look.

But for right now? Bud brings snack for school today and I have 23 minutes to get ready so we can hit the store before the bell rings. Aren't I such a good planner?


The Methodist Church Sale

This post is sub-titled...WHERE I SPENT A TOTAL OF $2.45!!


A Whole Lot Of Misc:

I have spent a lot of time in this:

Buying things like this:

And these rock:

So does the other box:

And this year I hope to do stuff with the boxes as well, they are just too cool to not do something!

I had this black table (ignore the dust) and decided to fluff the top of it up with a fabulous color of orange glitter!

And we spent this past weekend at Artsplash supporting Lu in her quest to become a Broadway star...You can watch video of it by clicking HERE...
She doesn't get nervous so I take on all the nerves for her (as you can tell by all the shaking of the camera) and the end was edited out simply because I shut the camera off to stand up and applaud. Proud, proud Mommy!


Feeling Like Fall But Buying Spring:

As a thrifter/reseller, sometimes you gotta buy out of season when you come across it. So even though I am starting to think about autumn decorating around the house, I still need to keep my eyes open for things like this vintage baby plant holder.

I will be glad I did so when March arrives and I am thinking more about pastel colors again!


Salt Cellar

I had the chance to wander Second Season on Pierce Street last week and was thrilled to find this beautiful glass salt cellar:

And a tiny spoon:

That only gets more adorable when you add a second tiny spoon: