All About Me. Me, Me, Me...

The emails I receive at dimestorethrift@aol.com tickle me...It is just as fun to get private emails as it is to get public comments! Many of you ask about little things that trigger conversations between the two of us and I enjoy that so much. The getting-to-know-you part!

I don't have too much to report on today...plans to do some thrifting this morning and then creating this afternoon before the kiddos are back home and we get settled into the weekend.

Here are some of my random thoughts this morning:

*I ran out of high heat hot glue last night. It was sad. I will buy more this morning.

*Bud sorted all my Christmas glass balls into colors for me...we had reds, golds, greens and then a grouping of 'stuff with things on them like swirls'. Not a one was broken!

*I am a bit addicted to Gold Peak unsweetened tea, found by the juices in the dairy case. $2.50 for a large bottle. I pay more than that at Caribou when I just order ONE tea to go, so am good at justifying this purchase when I am at the store.

*Went to a Scentsy party this week. Um, that Central Park Praline scent? Oh, yeah! I bought that and an adorable little night light to warm it in. Seriously had to show restraint.

*Bud will be Obi Wan Kenobi for Halloween this year, Lu will be a Vampire.

*Bud is severely allergic to peanuts. I 'take one for the team' by sorting his candy booty and removing all chocolate with peanuts. It's not easy, but one must do what one must do.

*The studio is a disaster right now. I should be down there. Maybe later.

*Have you seen the blogs with 'what I wore Wednesday'? I am on my 5th day of black turtlenecks and jeans. My winter standards. How funny would that be if I took that picture daily and posted it?

And now that I have shared a whole lotta not-much with you, I am off to take on the day! Enjoy your weekend and we'll talk again Monday!


Glitter For Etsy (And Wreaths!)

And last, but not least...we have the glittered pages in vintage frames that will be making their way (slowly, but surely) to Etsy. I am so pleased with how these turned out!

After putting away all the glittering yummies, I brought out the hot glue gun and other brightly colored goodies:

And have begun the wreath making process!

This is an awesome thrifted wreath that was on a metal stand. I bought one knowing I was going to do this and contemplated buying a couple more. There must have been 10 of them for sale at the rummage that day. And I bought one.
After mulling it over for about a half hour, I swung back by the sale.

And they had all been sold.

So lesson learned and I am going to be content (for the most part) for the one I did find. It has been given the hot glue gun treatment and sent on its merry way to Memory Lane!

Seriously loving this process of creating these wreaths. And now I need to go find and sort the rest of my vintage shiny brites!!


Some Glitter For Memory Lane...

These are the tiny framed glitter pictures that I dropped off at Memory Lane late yesterday afternoon. I decided to put the antique framed pictures on Etsy (you haven't seen those yet, but you will!) and use these more modern silver frames for the booth.

My favorite out of all of these? This one:


Glitter Me Happy!

Yesterday was spent at the dining room table, sparkling up pages for Etsy, Memory Lane and just perhaps, a few for myself!

These are my favorites, tucked into old Italian metal frames:

Perfect to hang in a little corner on the wall...Or to hang on the tree! I am LOVING these! I have a few more things I want to make today that these have inspired.


Bud, The King Of Art

While I was finding perfect frames for some book pages I am going to be glittering, Bud set up shop next to me at the dining room table.

All of his art supplies came out along with a crown. When I asked about the crown he said "Because I am the Art King, of course!"

So all the framed pages surrounded his area and have been there for the past few weeks. And I am loving that he spends time there each day! It may be for a couple minutes in passing...or for a half hour coloring. Which anyone with a 5 year old boy knows: A half hour engrossed in something besides Star Wars battle, is such a gift.

And it inspires me to create daily as well.

Although I am hesitant to share much of my glitter with him. That stuff gets everywhere!


God Bless Us, Every One

I was pretty thrilled to find a Scrooge and Tiny Tim glass set...and even more excited to find TWO sets! So one of each will stay with me and the others will go on to Etsy!


Spice Cake

One delicious smelling candle...even better than Yankee! That was a good 5 dollars spent.

Found at Walmart of all places, regular price. Crazy!


An Addition To My Parliament:

According To Wikipedia: Though owls are typically solitary, the literary collective noun for a group of owls is a parliament.

Went to a Cricut party last night and made an owl! Now am thinking that I need one of these little crafty tools. What are the chances of thrifting one of these?!


More Christmas Yummies!

There are just certain things that you simply must buy when you come across them.

Such as sequins. Can one ever have too many sequins? I suppose, maybe. But I really don't think so.

Can one have too many reindeer? Or sleighs? Or tiny shiny brite glass balls? Or plastic Noels?

Or tiny santa candle climbers? Or tiny santa mugs? or a tiny elf mouse?

And yes...that reindeer WAS 5 cents!!


Latest Obsession:

This one has been building. When I look back over my finds the past few years, I see them here and there. I have a hard time walking away from them. And when they have a Christmas theme to them? Puh. Leaze. They are coming home with Mama.

The Santa bank, made in Japan, was one of my latest Christmas finds...and the fact that he is a bank as well?? Oh yeah, baby!


Enjoying The Week

After the long days of last week, the past week has been so enjoyable! I have been getting so many things done off of the constant To-Do list.

I even took some time yesterday to clean the upholstery in my car! That has been on my list for months! It wasn't glamorous, but it was something that was so nice to scratch off. (and besides, this blog is about thrifting, there is not a whole lotta glamour in that, is there??)

As you well know, I do a lot of procrastinating. I am good at it. Gifted, one might say. Very, very talented. There are hundreds of amazingly cool treasures down in the studio waiting to be listed on Etsy. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Listing on Etsy is something I have been meaning to do since the first week the kids went back to school...in MID AUGUST. But instead I distracted myself with this or that and put it off. This week I challenged myself to spent part of every day listing.

And I am pleased to report that I have been!

As a matter of fact, going through the items to list has renewed my creative spark...coming across things that I have made or altered is such an inspiring trip back in time. So once again my days are filled with a bit of Etsy, Blogging, Thrifting and Creating. And I am feeling a good balance. Which I absolutely was not feeling a week ago!

My wish for you, is to find something that inspires you over the weekend. Enjoy!


Have I Shown You This Yet?

While going through pics on the computer, I came across some photos that I do not think I have shown you yet! Well, I was lost in the Facebook haze, so am going to go with that excuse. Heehee!

When I saw this at Goodwill, I actually did one of the infamous little squeals:

Sweet! It will be so perfect to use for our Halloween gathering we have with another family...

And Beistle makes me grin, especially Beistle from the 70's.


Ch-ch-ch-changes (play kitchen)

Do you remember when I thrifted this?

I thought that color would grow on me. I really, really did! I kept hoping it was a dark olive green. It wasn't. It stayed a weird sage.

So this past weekend, I painted it!

I tossed around orange thinking I would bring it out during the fall. Then I thought about a great red, using it during the holidays. I even contemplated a dark pink! And then realized, it would be best used right now in a matte black. Standing in the corner of the dining room.

And they is always possibility of color change in the future!



(Owls have made their way into the kitchen...)

(Giant glass owl filled with treats...)

(Teeny tiny owl treasures...)

When I realized last year that I was getting a wee bit obsessed with Owls, I went through my entire collection and weeded out the ones I did not absolutely love.

And then after Halloween last year, put them away. I mean, lovingly wrapped each one individually in bubble wrap and stored them in a climate controlled space. Hah!

I was worried, at the time, that I was getting a bit overdosed on Owls and all things Owl related. But I still love them! By only bringing them out for the month of October, I appreciate them more.


Fall Walk

This is the reason I live in the Midwest. Well, one of many reasons:

I normally walk at a different time of day, but am so glad I decided to take a long walk late yesterday afternoon. The leaves are simply stunning this time of year! And the smell of them when your shoes crunch through them on the sidewalk...Oh! Intoxicating! So of course I wanted to share that with you, especially if you live in an area that doesn't have quite the vibrant change of seasons.


Halloween Decorating!

One project I did get done this week was the autumn and Halloween decorating. I had completely forgotten how much I love my owl collection and am glad I packed away my favorites to put out during this time of year.