15 Minute Window Of Sunshine:

That is what I had to work with this morning! Has it been dark and windy in your area, too? The wind has been blowing so hard! And with it came a bit of snow. When the sun came out for a brief moment I ran to get my camera and the things I have been wanting to show you since I brought them home yesterday:

All of these have been lovingly arraigned in the Dime Store Thrift Etsy shop.


Away In A Manger:

This was found at a favorite thrift store:

I actually used to have some just like this! But when I started getting into the older nativities, let it go. This will be heading to Memory Lane. The details on it are just beautiful!

Did you find anything cool over the long holiday weekend?


Woes Of Computer Dependency (and a pink tree!)

Imagine my surprise late on Tuesday night when my computer slowwwwwly started crashing. And continued into Wednesday. Imagine then my hysteria.

You see, I have become just a wee bit invested in the Internet and my capabilities to access it.

And then imagine my Hubby in a cape and tights, I mean, really nice suit from the office, coming to my tearful rescue Wednesday night and completely saving my computer from being recycled. I love that man so much! He is a RockStar, always.

Today is the day we decorate for Christmas and enjoy a buffet of everyones favorite yummies. But I wanted to leave you with an AWESOME pink tree found at Goodwill a few days ago.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


Thankful and A WINNER OF THE FIND!

I have so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...but I want to take this moment to Thank You, Dear Reader Of Dime Store Thrift!

I am thankful to have you visit each day...to have you leave comments and email...or even just to have you quietly pop onto the blog and see what is new. I love that you love what I am into. And that we are enjoying this journey together.
May you have a lovely Thanksgiving day!

While I was loading the turkey into the oven and cleaning veggies, Lu drew a name for our latest giveaway:

And I would like to congratulate Pam Of Frippery who is the lucky winner of The Find by Stan Williams. Pam, we will be in touch soon to get all the details arranged. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Stan's book is truly one of my favorite reads.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


Is That A Scotty Dog In The Stable?

This just recently sold in the Dime Store Thrift Etsy Shop:

Other than the fact there is a wise man on an elephant, the thing that struck me the most was this dog:

Maybe its a sheep dog? But it looks like a Scotty!

Either way, my friend Sue was thrilled to pieces to nab this treasure to add to her collection.

Don't forget, a winner will be drawn tomorrow on Thanksgiving for The Find by Stan Williams. Be sure to enter by clicking the link on the sidebar!


Plastic Elf and Bud's Room

Hmmmm...I know it's an Elf. I know it's Plastic. I know it can stand or be used as an ornament. And that is about all I know. There aren't any other markings on him.

Anybody?? He is heading towards Etsy and that would be sorta sad if all I can say is Plastic Scary Clown Elf.


And I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. I went into Bud's room the other day to help make the bed and noticed something taped to the far wall:

He is gooooooooood.

And on the other wall was his listing of Star Wars figures. Can you read his list?? Sound it out...

He is putting things on the wall because his sister has things on her door:

I remember doing the exact same thing as a kid!

Don't forget to sign up for The Find giveaway with Stan Williams--Winner drawn on Thanksgiving! Just click along the sidebar.


Tinsel Tree!

I am LOVING these! Just as thrilling as the big wreaths, but less time commitment. I used a purchased tinsel tree, hot glued the vintage ornaments onto it and then wrapped it in a strand of gorgeous colored lights. And voila! Nearly instant Christmas. And currently for sale at Memory Lane.

The weather outside is rawther frightful today with freezing rain falling all morning...which is going to force me to stay close to home getting a few creative bursts out and adding to the Dime Store Thrift Etsy Store. I am really excited about a couple things that will be listed today!

Don't forget to sign up for THE FIND giveaway by Stan Williams. Winner will be drawn Thursday. Just click along the sidebar on your left or scroll down to get more info.

Enjoy your Monday and I truly hope the weather is better where you are.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


The Elf And The Lamp Post


This is the type of treasure that when I find it, I first say (usually out loud) "Why did someone get rid of this??" followed quickly by the curious question of "How has no one BOUGHT this yet?!" followed by refusing to put it down until I am at the checkout.

Not only is there a knee hugging elf, but he is sitting at the base of a LAMP POST! I don't know if I have mentioned it before here, but I have a odd fascination with lamp posts. I think it borders more on obsession? There is just something about the idea of someone walking around London (I am very specific with my obsessions) back in the 1800's, at dusk, lighting corner street lamps! It just does it for me.

And this one also sort of makes me think of the lamp post in Narnia.

Have a great weekend and be sure to scroll down to sign up for my Thanksgiving giveaway with Stan Williams, author of The Find!


The Find by Stan Williams Giveaway!!

Loyal readers of Dime Store Thrift know the name Stan Williams.

Frugal hearts leap a bit when they hear of the book entitled The Find.

Stan has changed the face of Thrifting with his upbeat, positive attitude and knowledge of the trade. He first entered my radar back in 2008 and I remember thinking "I love his title of The Elegant Thrifter!" How cool to think of Thrifting as Elegant and something to be proud about. Especially these past few years as the economy faltered and more and more people were learning that you CAN be Frugal and Fabulous.

I've had the honor of interviewing him back in July of 2009 and believe I was the first one ever to publish his famous pineapple upside down cake recipe that he was so secretive about for so long!

Stan is the kind of guy that just immediately goes straight into your heart lives there forever more. He has been one of my biggest supporters and is always there with a kind word to make my day brighter. Even though our conversations have been limited to emails back and forth the past couple years, I truly count him as one of my very good friends and know that when I finally get to meet him face to face it will be the cherry in the pineapple on top of that wonderful cake he makes!

And now I have the honor again of giving one lucky reader of Dime Store Thrift the gift of The Find!! The book will come to you directly from Stan and SIGNED!

Go visit his blog at www.elegantthrifter.blogspot.com and leave a comment.

Then come back here and tell me what you are thankful for this holiday season.

We will randomly draw a winner on Thanksgiving. Ready...Set...GO!


THIS Is Why One Should Thrift This Time Of Year:

I am thrilled to pieces with my latest thrift finds:


Decorating for Thanksgiving:

In one word? Sparse! As we have all acknowledged before, food seems to take center stage at Thanksgiving. But when I put away all my Halloween decor and it is before the Christmas explosion, SOMETHING has to be put out.

Here are some snapshots from a couple areas:

So as you can see, nothing overstated in any way. At All. That buffet is going to be cleared off entirely and truly used as a buffet this Thanksgiving!

Is there anything specific you put out for Thanksgiving decor? Or do you just jump from October right into Christmas?


Friday Thrifting

I still love looking at the ads in the paper on Fridays...even though we have a chance of snow and things are looking mighty sparse on the yard sale front, it still gets me all hopped up to make a whirlwind tour of the thrift stores.

I spend quite a bit of this time between now and Christmas torn. I have a lot of Christmas yummies that I can be redoing. Not Hoarder levels, mind you, but a lot. Enough to keep me occupied for the season.

But THIS is the time of year that all the thrift stores bring out THEIR yummies that they have been hoarding--I mean holding on to--until this time of year.

If I don't replenish my goods now, I may not get another chance to until NEXT November.

And that would make me sad.

I have been heading out on specific days to do my 'Christmas' thrifting. I move quickly and steadily through several shops and try to limit it to 2 hours total. If I plan it right, I can visit *5* different places that are all roughly in the same area in under an hour.

And only focusing on Christmas.

These are a couple of the treasures found earlier this week:

Let me know if you find anything cool over the weekend!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


Getting The Booth Ready For Christmas:

This is the time of year that I could easy go to the booth daily to fluff it. And I am always bringing 'replacement' yummies in the back of the SUV in case something specific went...it would be silly during this season to have any unused space in that area. And as you can see, I keep that area filled to the brim!

Between you and me? I wish I could have the booth looking like Christmas year round.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift


Shopping Dime Store Thrift:

(Callie from Customer Service going on and on about the cool things we sell...she is very enthusiastic!)

I get emails all the time asking if readers can buy items they see here on the blog...and the answer is yes!


Most of the time.

Unless I really really like it or specifically made it for our home. Or if I am just being greedy. Cause I can be. But most of the time I am very generous and giving and seldom think of myself.


Some of what I thrift is for me. Some of it is directed towards Etsy. And the rest is displayed at the booth at Memory Lane. Right now, goodies are flying off the shelves at Memory Lane...I just never know what treasures will have found a new home when I round that corner and peek inside! The feeling of someone buying something I made is amazing.

If you live in Sioux City or the surrounding area, I highly recommend you visit Memory Lane in the Indian Hills Shopping Center. First of all, you can visit my booth in person (Booth 316 and I am always skulking around there so we can meet and visit).

If you live in a land far, far away and can't get to Memory Lane, you can shop specific vintage items we have listed in Dime Store Thrift On Etsy.All items there get shipped out the same day using Priority Mail from the USPS so you get your yummy as quick as a wink.

If you see something that hasn't landed yet on Etsy and you keep waiting and waiting but it STILL hasn't shown up for sale on Etsy, feel free to email me and we can get something worked out. During the week I can get very distracted by hot glue and glitter and have the best of intentions of listing items, but they are easier to get listed during the weekends.

Ok, that is all for now. Callie in Customer Service is available to answer any other questions you may have.

Love, Sonya