A Blank Canvas:

Yesterday was a productive day. Drawers and tiny storage areas in this room were looked at with an intense eye. I removed cords and equiptment we have been storing for items we not longer have! (old video camera, camera, phone chargers...)

Then we went through drawers in the kitchen, stood on chairs to get way back in the corners of cupboards, took a good hard look at serving dishes, storage containers and electrical appliances. I asked myself the hard questions like: Will I really use an egg slicer in this lifetime? Will I? Probably not.

Then we looked in the corner hutch and buffet in the dining room and asked the same questions.

After filling several Target-sized bags, I called it a day and took what was purged to Goodwill.

There is still a whole lot to go through, but a whole lot (three full rooms!) did get done yesterday and that, my friends, is a good feeling.


Linda Ruthie said...

Congratulations! I've been working on removing clutter at my house too. I know how good it feels to drop off those bags at Goodwill. Enjoy your blank canvas.

Sue said...

I am jealous!! I did cross 2 items off my "list" yesterday. Baby steps. Congratulations - that's really inspiring!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Good job! That's my plan as well (as soon as my foot will cooperate.)

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I've been wanting to do the same thing, but can't get motivated. All I want to do is sleep. But.... you don't use your egg slicer??? I use mine all the time!

Daisy said...

Oh, the cords! With an engineer husband, it's really hard to throw cords away. We compromise; there's a box in the basement that is "old cords" and he can dip into those for repairing and getting creative.