Glitter and Glue and Shoes...Oh My!

Lu is going to be Dorothy next month in the Wizard Of Oz! Which is just a whole other excuse for me to bust out the glue and glitter to make her ruby slippers! If it was around Halloween, this wouldn't have been a problem to find. But being January and all, we had to get creative.

Martha's Glittering Glue:

Red Sparkly Glitter:

Comfortable Red Slip On Shoes:

Voila! We have ruby slippers!

We have been huge, HUGE fans of the Wizard of Oz and then of course Wicked the past few years...so this is a treat to see her finally wear the ruby slippers on stage.


Sue said...

How sweet! And an extra-special excuse for you to break out the glitter!!

Congratulations to Lu for getting the part!

whatchafind said...

We have several pairs of 'Ruby Slippers' (my three year old was Dorothy for Halloween and has worn her costume all day every day since... We're going on three months!). Every time we see 'ruby slippers' at a thrift shop we have to buy them. We now have a few pairs floating around! I have yet to make them myself!!! Good job! :)

Angela @Whatcha Find?

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i love martha stewart glitter! it's reasonably priced and does a great job.

Daisy said...

Have you ever seen the actual ruby slippers? They're in the Smithsonian, and they look much like the pair you made!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

We are very excited...She went through a huge dorothy phase when she was about 3 that continued for several years...its just a hoot to be seeing ruby slippers around here again! Daisy, I haven't, but think that would be ah-may-zing to see them 'in real life' :)

mech n' scrubs uniforms said...

I love the shoes! You only used glue and glitters, and you get amazing shoes. This should be great with some old unused shoes...