Finding Pleasure (while waving a white flag of surrender)

flowers from kind, thoughtful next door neighbor

magazines...I am such a fan of a crisp pile of new magazines...from another kind friend

This week has been all about taking deep calming breaths. Bud has been out of school (and will be out of school until next Tuesday) with Influenza. INFLUENZA! It was a bit surreal picking up a bagful of medications from the pharmacy last night. BUT, we are going to be fine and that is the main thing. Time, rest and a bit of Tamiflu, right?

I am so ready for summer.

Lu is 2 weeks out from The Wizard Of Oz...where has this time gone?! We are so excited! There are lots of little things that need to be done for her costumes but with the help of those deep, calming breaths and friends willing to run specific errands for me while I am house-bound with Bud, it is all going to get done.

Obviously, no thrifting has been done for weeks and weeks. Hopefully, that is not the only reason you visit me, for you will be sorely disappointed right now.

I have been going through the basement the past few days (since Bud has been confined to that area in a little nest on the couch during all waking hours so as not to share anything flu-like with Hubby and Lu) and have wonderful stuff ready to list on ETSY and items to drop off at Memory Lane.

Speaking of Memory Lane, my booth will be closing at the end of this month and you can enjoy a 25% off sale right now. Spring and Summer are usually busy around the home-front and I just can't give it the attention I would like to. The ETSY shop will continue.

And now I am off to give my little guy some juice and cuddles!

Be Back Soon,


AuntLou said...

LOL I thought at first, you were "weaving" your white flag! Glad you are doing better and best wishes for Bud. If you are like me, excavating the basement can be... revealing! :)

~~Carol~~ said...

I can't wait 'til we can throw open the windows, because it seems like we're all playing Pass The Germ! I hope the rest of the family doesn't catch the bug. And doesn't having a beautiful vase of flowers in the house make picking up all those balled up Kleenexes that the sick child doesn't make into the wastebasket a little bit easier?!

Niece said...

Hope you guys are healthy soon! So wish I lived closer, would love to rake up some deals on your booth! I will check out you esty store for sure!

Into Vintage said...

I agree with ~~Carol~~ about pass-the-germs this time of year -- fresh air, please! I love the metal thing your magazines are in. :-)

Pam @ Frippery said...

You poor thing. You have been through it lately. Hope the sun will shine on you all soon!!!!

Sue said...

What thoughtful friends you have! I hope the bad germs beat a retreat and good health return to your family.